Psychological Testing and Assessment

Symmetry Counseling is committed to providing high quality and timely psychological evaluations designed to assess adults struggling with a wide range of emotional, behavioral, and/or learning challenges. We understand that problems can be complex, tough to fully understand, and work through alone. Our licensed clinical psychologists who administer testing are similar to a detective looking for clues to help solve a mystery. Psychological assessment may be especially helpful to gain insight into your questions, provide specific treatment options, and offer professional diagnostic expertise in appropriate treatment planning and coordination of care.

Psychological Assessment Benefits

Psychological assessment provides valuable information about an individual, and may be an important step in helping to get a better handle on the difficulties you are facing today. Formal testing assessments may provide useful information to assess an individual and to suggest specific and unique treatment recommendations with among the following areas for adults:

  • Severity and frequency of symptoms related to mood or anxiety
  • Presence of a learning disability
  • Evaluating Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Intellectual strengths and challenges
  • Root causes of emotional and/or behavioral issues
  • Assessment for likelihood of alcohol/drug addiction
  • Coping styles that may exacerbate or diminish general wellbeing
  • Insight into your personality style (i.e., thinking and emotional style, interpersonal approach to relationships, self-perception, major defenses)

How Do I Get Started?

To begin the assessment process, email our Symmetry intake department at After the intake, a licensed clinical psychologist will schedule an in-person diagnostic interview; this is an integral part of the assessment process as a means to rule-out medical or psychological conditions or concerns. All evaluations offer clear, individualized recommendations based on current and well-researched assessment tests.

How Much Time Will Testing Take?

It depends. Less complex concerns often take less time to assess and diagnose, and the time investment may vary according to individual needs. Because we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, every person may require a slightly different approach to testing, diagnosis, and treatment. For this reason, we offer different options at Symmetry to help make testing services affordable and efficient:

Comprehensive Testing: This option includes a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation to assess for additional complicating factors that may impact your functioning. Testing will include measuring cognitive abilities, emotional functioning, and is the most optimal approach to diagnosis because it is supported by data and an exhaustive review of your personal history. You will be provided with a psychological report containing your overall performance, strengths and challenges, areas for improvement, and individualized recommendations; a one-hour face-to-face feedback session is included to help you understand the findings.

Rule-Out Screening: This is an ideal option for adults who have been informally diagnosed. The screening process is designed to confirm or, “rule-out” a diagnosis. For example, you may be certain you struggle with ADHD, and you want to be sure that you meet criteria for the diagnosis. Testing for a “rule-out” screening includes a psychological evaluation with a lower fee and shorter time investment than the comprehensive testing option.

What About Costs?

Fees for psychological assessment are based on the specific battery of tests used. In most cases, assessments are charged per the hour. The average session for the Rule-Out Screening option may start as low as $100 (further testing may be recommended if scores indicate additional concerns not addressed by the screening).

Generally, a full Comprehensive Testing assessment will require multiple sessions, and may start as low as $800 (the fee varies depending on the length of time it takes for each test to be accomplished).

Does Insurance Cover Testing?

Yes, in many cases insurance policies will often include mental health benefits that cover a portion or all of psychological testing services. We will work with your insurance company to pre-certify coverage of the testing so you know exactly what costs to expect prior to testing.

While we acknowledge the time, effort, and financial investment in obtaining an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment, we also understand the costs of NOT having a clear sense of what the problem is. When you struggle with undiagnosed and complex issues, it can complicate internal happiness, relationships, career, and every day functioning. How can you possibly address the problem if it is tough to even identify what the problem is? We can help. Our clinicians will collaborate with you to clarify the nature of the problem and construct effective interventions to help you take the next steps to getting back on track.

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