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When to Go to Couples Therapy? When You Notice These 3 Sign

April 30, 2024

Zoe Mittman, LSW If you’re asking the question “when to go to couples therapy”, you are in the right place. I am going to spend some time talking about 3 signs couples therapy may be a good fit for you. Disagreements in relationships are typical, and to be expected. You and your partner are individual human beings, with your own life experiences, upbringing, and backgrounds. It makes sense that you are not going to see eye to…

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Healing the Heart – Tips for How to Get Over a Breakup

April 23, 2024

Breakups can be extremely difficult for both the heart and the mind. Grieving the loss of a relationship is taxing both mentally and emotionally. Whether you initiated the breakup or are the individual being broken up with, the pain and heartache can feel debilitating. It is important to remember that healing the heart is a process. The journey is not always linear, and it may take time to go through the multiple steps of grief during a…

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Surviving the Holidays: 5 Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

April 16, 2024

Paula Gonzalez MA, LPC, ADHD-CCSP, CIMHP                                                                                         The Christmas holiday season can be filled with “tidings of comfort and joy!.” It can also be filled with lots of invitations to holiday parties that will have you “rockin’ around the Christmas tree at the Christmas party hop… as the songs say. In the midst of all of that we still have to divide our attention and time between school and/or work. We also have to find time to tend…

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Why Am I Overwhelmingly Stressed Out & How to Find Relief?

April 9, 2024

​​​​What does feeling overwhelmed look like? Generally, it can be defined as difficulty coping with a stressful situation that can affect a person physically and mentally. This can make it difficult to manage day-to-day tasks, connect to others, make decisions, and more. If you realize that you have become​ ​emotionally overwhelmed and stressed out, a good place to start may be to ask yourself, “Why am I feeling so overwhelmed?”.​​ ​​​​​Reasons for Feeling Stressed Out ​​  There…

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Why I Can’t Find a Job After College & What to Do about It?

April 2, 2024

Megan Mulroy, LCPC One of the most difficult transitions to make is moving from college life to full-time employment.. If you are a new grad struggling to find a job- you are certainly not alone. I work with several young adults that are finding it challenging to find a job after graduation. This transition is fraught with anxiety, and rejections can be a hit to your self-esteem. In this blog, I will go over some of the…

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Reversed Caregiving Roles: Impact on the Parentified Child

March 26, 2024

By Evan Tokarz/Symmetry Counseling Parentification is the harmful psychological phenomenon of a child being forced to take on the role and responsibilities typically performed by a parent. In such situations, the parentified child is tasked with parental duties, such as caring for their siblings, managing household duties, or addressing the emotional needs of their parents. The key aspect defining parentification is that the duties and emotional labor requested are beyond the ability of the child’s age and…

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Harmony Within: A Guide to Spiritual Self-Care

March 19, 2024

Ashlee Stumpf, LPC Self-care has been a buzz word for the past decade or so. Conjuring thoughts of getting a massage, taking a day off, seeing a therapist, etc. It’s a broad term which involves the important practice of taking care of ourselves. However, what many people don’t know is that self-care can be divided up into factions. This is because there are many aspects to any person, so there are different aspects when it comes to…

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Why Am I So Hard on Myself? – This Is How You Can Stop It

March 12, 2024

Hannah Cericola Why is it that when our friends need words of encouragement, we jump at the opportunity to ease their discomfort, but when it comes to our internal dialogue, we say things like:  “I’ll never be able to reach my goals”  “ I am never going to make it”  “I am so bad at everything I do”  Many of my patients have come to me saying, “I feel like I am my own worst enemy”, and…

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Coping with Overwhelming Emotions in the Short & Long Term

March 5, 2024

Marissa Widener Struggling with overwhelming emotions is a common occurrence in the human experience given life’s relentless demands in all areas, be it personal, work, social, or even financial-related. Merriam-Webster indicates that the verb “overwhelm” is related to being overpowered or overcome with feelings and thoughts.  That being said, feeling overwhelmed does not indicate personal inadequacy or incapability of any kind, nor should it be perceived as a failure to balance life stressors appropriately. While experiencing overwhelming…

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Loneliness & Depression in Young Adults: Why & How to Cope?

February 27, 2024

Zoe Mittman, LSW Growing up, you may have imagined your 20s to be filled with excitement, love and adventures. But life happens and reality sinks in. Your life is not what you imagined. It is complex. Filled with both pain and growth. Relationships flourish while other relationships suffer. Friends move away and family is too close. Juggling your personal and professional life gets overwhelming. You ask yourself, “what am I doing wrong”?. As you scroll on Instagram,…

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