Kara Thompson-Miller

Kara Thompson-Miller

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Accepted Insurances

BCBS, Cigna, UHC, Self-Pay, Aetna, Optum


Kara recognizes that there can be quite a range of feelings, thoughts, and questions in the search for a therapist… which is why she always wants to continue to empower folks to find a good fit. Kara holds the belief that a strong, collaborative therapeutic relationship is foundational to building and maintaining an empowered therapy space… which, to her, means bringing that “human-ness” into the session is important. Kara views therapy as a place to get curious and explore where we may feel stuck, rather than a space where we work to be “fixed.” She prioritizes a relational approach and has a passion for walking alongside folks in their journey through relationships, trauma, self-esteem, and anxiety. Her conversational approach is intentional, as she strives to show up for clients authentically while recognizing the importance of empathetic challenge.

Kara believes in integrating a mixture of trauma-informed modalities, pulling from psychodynamic, IFS-informed, and ACT-based approaches. She believes that learning how to hold simultaneous yet opposing emotions/thoughts (own as dialectics) and the practice of accepting all parts of oneself can lead to powerful insight within the therapy space.

Kara received a Master of Social Work degree at the University of Illinois Chicago Jane Addams and a Bachelor of Social Work degree at Miami University, with a minor in Family Relationships. Prior to joining the Symmetry team, much of Kara’s experience had been with young adults in the behavioral health and non-profit sectors, specifically, working with complex trauma and sexual violence.


Self-Esteem Relationship Issues Trauma Life Stage Transitions Anxiety Depression Stress Management Attachment/Identity Issues Young Adults Sexual Violence