Katherine Evans

Katherine provides a compassionate, supportive, collaborative and nonjudgmental environment to all her clients and provides the space and support to verbalize their wishes, needs, and goals. Katherine practices from a Psychodynamic methodology, which she believes helps clients access the parts of their mind they are self-aware and unaware of their wishes, needs, and goals.  She specializes in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Motivational Interviewing, and Distress Tolerance.

Katherine’s areas of interest include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, trauma, dating and relationships, weight and lifestyle changes, substance use disorder and process addictions. She has worked in hospital residential facilities, substance use treatment facilities, and in private practice. Katherine received her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor, along with being certified in

Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is continuously working to deepen her knowledge in an effort to be the most diversified and effective therapist she can be. Therefore, she plans to obtain sex therapy certification from AASECT, the American Academy of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists. Katherine is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and has enjoyed the change living in Chicago.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • Process Addictions
  • Eating Disorders
  • Weight loss and Lifestyle Changes
  • Trauma
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Sexual and Intimacy concerns