Madissyn Fredericks, Licensed Professional Counselor, Symmetry Counseling

Those three little words, “I love you”, carry so much weight. While it may seem obvious to let someone know you love them, speaking those words doesn’t come easy to everyone. People experience love in many different forms and there are so many ways to express your love other than saying it. The most important thing is to express your love to your partner in some way, shape, or form. There is nothing that keeps the passion and affection more alive than both partners firmly expressing their love, commitment, and appreciation for one another. In order to maintain a strong and healthy relationship, it is important to learn which way of expressing your love is best for you. Below are 5 ways to show and/or tell your partner you love them throughout your relationship.

1. Write Them Something

Some of the best expressions of love are in the written form. Whether it is a poem, a letter, a song, a text, or a spontaneous note on the fridge, getting the words out on paper gets the message across. While texting or emailing are a good options, there is something romantic about a handwritten note. These written gestures can be easy and fast for you to do, yet very meaningful to your partner.

2. Listen To Them

There are days that are better than others, and on those bad days, sometimes you just want someone to listen. When your significant other is having a bad day and needs to vent, be the supportive ear that they need. Actively listen to them by displaying understanding, appropriate facial expressions, and validation. Being an active listener on both good and bad days is a great sign of love and care.

3. Get Physical

Do you still hold hands at dinner or give your partner random hugs and kisses? The physical aspect of a relationship is very important and can often be put on the back burner. Try making an effort to offer back rubs, grab their hand, or give them a kiss when you see them after work. These small gestures will convey love, keep the spark alive, and improve physical intimacy as well.

4. Prioritize Them

When you prioritize your partner, you make time for them. When you make time for them, you are compromising with them, giving them attention, and spending quality time together. Showing your partner affection through making them a priority makes them feel important, loved, and valued as a partner. Putting their needs and wants as a priority in your life is a strong indication of love.

5. Show Them Love

Showing love through actions takes some thought but usually makes your partner feel special and appreciated. Some examples of actions that display love include surprising your significant other with a gift, doing something nice for them, completing a chore for them, throwing them a party, or making them dinner. Doing something that will make your partner smile is a direct way to their heart.

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