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Common Questions About LGBTQIA

This post will answer some LGBTQIA questions and the concept behind this. This is not a comprehensive list and there are many questions/answers still out there. Everyone also has their own interpretation of certain questions, so please be mindful and not judgmental to others.

What does “gay” mean?

Gay means loving/having an interest in someone that is the same gender as you. Examples would include a gay man wanting to have a special connection with another man, or a gay woman (lesbian) wanting a special relationship with another woman. Gay individuals can choose to have a relationship with each other such as living together, starting a family together, traveling, etc.

What is a lesbian?

A lesbian is a woman who is attracted to other women. “Gay” is an umbrella term for many individuals in the LGBTQIA community. Within that umbrella, L stands for “lesbian” in which women have a special connection with other women.

Why is the word “gay” used more than “LGBTQIA”?

Many individuals choose to word “gay” over “LGBTQIA” because they not be aware of a more specific term. As stated before, “gay” is a more common terminology and is the umbrella of a lot of words.

Is being LGTBQIA a choice?

No, it is not a choice. As we grow older, we have feelings towards people and sometimes those feelings are towards people of the opposite gender, and sometimes they are towards individuals of the same gender.

Are you born LGBTQIA?

This is a question that has been asked many times, and it is uncertain if you are born this way. Some believe that it is a sexual orientation is who are you when you are born, but then your interests can change.

Can anybody be gay?

Yes, anybody can be gay. No matter what color, shape, size, etc. Gay is not just for certain individuals. There is a long history of the LGBTQIA and how it has come about.

If one of your friends is gay, can you become gay?

No, just being with someone who is gay, does not make you gay. Being gay is a deeper feeling that we have.

Can anyone make you straight?

No; doctors, friends, family, etc no one can make you straight. The feelings are deeper and sometimes they can be suppressed, but no one can change who you are.

Can you tell if someone is gay by the way they look?

Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves-wearing loose pants, wearing tight pants, wearing all black, wearing many colors, natural colored hair, rainbow hair-it is all a part of an identity of who we are. You cannot just look at someone and say “Oh they must be gay”. Remembering they are also human-just like me and you.

What does the rainbow flag mean?

The rainbow flag with all the colors symbolizes the diversity of the LGBTQ community. If often reflects the LGTBQIA rights.

Can you have kids if you are gay?

Yes, they can. They are human too and there are ways to have a family.

Is it weird to have two parents of the same sex?

Families are families, no matter how they are composed. As long as each parent and partner love each other and love who else is a part of the family, then it is not weird.

We hope this helps you answer some questions that you might have about the LGBTQIA community. This is not all the questions and answers in regards to understanding the LGBTQIA concept. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Symmetry Counseling and we can schedule an appointment to further discuss your questions.

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