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Disconnecting from Others, Especially through Technology

With the world we live in today, we have a hard time disconnecting from all that is around us. We try to do “no technology days” or “no technology hours”, but everything is now on our phones. I feel like people do not own televisions or computers anymore because we can do everything that we used to do on a simple device that we can put in our pocket. Did you ever think we would get to this point? I am amazed to see what the future might hold! Anyways, studies have shown that our phones and the screens are not good for us and we, Americans, spend a lot of time on them. So what are the benefits of disconnecting and how can it be done?

  • Set boundaries within yourself. This is hard, but really making an effort to not allow things to get in your way is important. Trying to find something else that can distract your mind is important. For example, instead of reading a book on your phone, purchase a physical copy of the book. Go for a walk and leave your phone at home.
  • Blocking people that are toxic to your life. Block people that are not supportive to you. Do not continue viewing negative people in your life, as they will just bring you down.
  • If we are trying to block out negative people in our lives, make sure you block their friends too. Negative people attract negative people, so just blocking them all out will help.
  • Breaking up with someone (even through social media) can be tough. But allowing yourself to complete the grieving process. Reminding yourself why you had to break up with them. Write down a list of reasons, so you can remind yourself when you question your reasoning and maybe even when they ask you why.
  • Toxic individuals can sometimes become very controlling. Identify a way to take back the power that they have taken from you. Work on staying strong your needs and wants and not allowing them to take control of your life or the situation that surrounds you.
  • Detaching emotionally is no easy feat but try to do so. Emotionally take back what they have done or said to you and more importantly how they have made you feel. Reminding yourself that you are better than they would make you feel. We humans are resilient and reminding yourself that you are able to manage and cope with all that the world is throwing you, if you try.
  • Let go. This is all hard, but trying to remove yourself and really detaching yourself form the situation can be helpful. Even from technology, we have the urge to pick up our phone and then we end up scrolling aimlessly for hours. Try to let go of that urge to even pick up your phone. Try to be stronger and not allowing yourself to pick up the phone or TV remote. Letting go of what the world is trying to control from you.
  • Do not look back and move forward. People always say, you cannot change the past, but you can create a future. The past is done and there is nothing that can be changed. But you can learn how to create a better future. Take the lessons you have learned and try to move forward with them.

Breaking habits and relationships are always tough but trying to stay strong to your feelings is important. Being able to work hard on what you need is important. If you are having a tough time with this, or want more information, feel free to contact a therapist at Symmetry Counseling today.

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