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How to Feel Unstuck

Often times we just feel stuck. It seems as if everything that we have tried is impossible to get out of this rut and we cannot feel any better. We have tried coping skills that we know and that others have encouraged us to use, we have tried to ignore it, we have tried to focus on it, and nothing seems to work. We often times feel stuck when we have a big decision to make and we feel paralyzed and we cannot get past it. Well maybe try some of these tricks and see if they can help you feel unstuck.


Finding the perfect reason for why it would be a good choice. Saying to yourself “This is the perfect decision because…” Allowing yourself to see more of the positive side of it than just the negatives that might come with it.


Music is a great coping skill to help distract our minds. Music is a great tool to help us feel a certain way. If you are down and wanting to feel better, put on some upbeat music. If we are trying to relax, put on some calming and soothing music. Music can help us decide our mood when we are trying to make a decision.

Deep breaths

Take yourself to a place of solitude. Allow yourself to breathe in deep breaths and to really focus on what you think is best for you. Clear your mind of thoughts and just focus on the deep breaths that you are allowing to enter and leave your body.

How can this be fun?

Think to yourself of ways that you can make this decision or emotion more fun. What are things that you can do to change your mindset or your viewpoint? Whichever ways you have thought about making it more fun, then try it!

Don’t be scared — speak the truth

We often times do not want to think of the truth because it seems to scary or too surreal. Allowing yourself to think of the truth and having that reality can help you identify for yourself what is the best thing for yourself. Be honest with yourself.


Take care of yourself during this difficult time. BE nice to yourself. Focus on what you need to do for yourself that will maximize your efforts for yourself.

Get creative

When we get older, we feel like we are unable to do art or express ourselves creatively. Expressing yourself in other ways than just words is a great technique. Expressing yourself through art or dance or music is very important to help you get unstuck.


Moving our body throughout the day is a good way to get you unstuck. If you work an office job, you are probably sitting at your desk for 8+ hours a day and not allowing your body to move. Taking time every few hours to go for a quick 5-10 minute walk to help your body.

Look for patterns

We are often creatures of habit and we have a difficult time changing our patterns. Look for patterns in the way you think and act. Does something feel similar the last time you were feeling stuck? Has someone treated you differently and that is why you are feeling this way? Trying to identify what your trigger is and how to avoid that trigger can be helpful.

If you feel like you are stuck and having a hard time getting unstuck feel free to contact any of our trained therapist for a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation or feel free to schedule an intake appointment. Our talented therapists are here to help you throughout whatever your needs may be.

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