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Secrets to Help You Get Motivated!

We often go through moments of high motivation and then some moments of low motivation. It is always frustrating for ourselves when we are unable to motivate ourselves to do anything, even sometimes the smallest things such as laundry, packing, dishes, showering, going to work, working out, and many other activities. I often see people out running early in the morning, or eating healthy, or doing whatever they need to get done, and I always wonder (and wish) how they can do those things!

Motivation comes in all different ways for each individual and can be difficult to detect at times. Sometimes people need to give themselves a pep-talk, some need others to boost their energy, for some listening to upbeat music can be motivating. Being able to find a few things that boost your energy and increase your mood is necessary.

These are some secrets that people believe in to help motivate them.

1. Prepare for some bumps in your journey. Not every day in your motivate challenge will be done perfectly. Of course, there will be times when you will be working very hard towards her goal and are super motivated. Being sure that you are able to give yourself time to allow setbacks is necessary.

2. Set OBTAINABLE goals. A lot of times clients will come into therapy sessions and have extremely high goals for themselves. I am not saying that they are not achievable, but they are expecting results or achievement super quickly. Recognizing smaller goals that you can adhere to will result in you achieving your big goal without many setbacks.

3. Tell people! Spread the word! The best way to stay motivated, is by telling people what you are doing and allow those to ask you about your goals and what you have accomplished and maybe not even accomplished. People will be able to help motivate you and help reinforce your actions and behaviors.

4. Find a group that’s working towards the same goals. That statement is pretty simple and straight forward. Find a group of people (social media is awesome for this!) that are working on achieving the same goals. Being able to have people working towards the same goals as you and being able to do check-ins with them can help get you motivated even more. Energy goes off each other.

5. Put yourself first — challenge yourself. This is a time for you to be selfish and to put yourself first. It is ok for you to be selfish during this time, because whatever you are motivating yourself to do, it is pretty certain that others that are in your lives will also follow in your footsteps. This also means by challenging yourself to do things and asking others to challenge you. If it means running 3 miles, try to run an extra mile and see how you feel after. Do something more for yourself.

6. Believe in yourself. There is no better way to say this. You are given one life and one chance at life. It is your decision how to live your life, but the main things is being good to yourself. You are your biggest cheerleader and allowing yourself to obtain your goals. Self-belief is real and even though you might fail or not achieve what you want, only YOU can get yourself up!

With all of our talented therapists, we can help you throughout this difficult period in your life. Feel free to reach out to any of our therapists for any questions!

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