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Abby Hauer


How Can I Prevent Burnout?

June 20, 2021

Abby Hauer, MC, LAC Everyone on the face of earth deals with stress. Stress is a normal part of life and almost each day we may be faced with a different stressor. But how do we recognize when this daily stress has turned into something we can no longer manage? Burnout is a different feeling than stress because we are physically and emotionally exhausted, we may dread each day, and we are no longer able to give…

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Self-Compassion and Mindfulness, Part II

May 19, 2021

Abby Hauer, MC, LAC Self-Compassion and Mindfulness, Part II: How Do I Put It in Practice? More on Mindfulness Mindfulness does not have to be five minutes of silence or a guided meditation. Mindfulness can be incorporated into your life anyway that you see fit! The most important part of being mindful is bringing your awareness to what’s happening in the moment. Not thinking about what you could be doing in five minutes or what you did…

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Self-Compassion and Mindfulness, Part I

May 18, 2021

Abby Hauer, MC, LAC I would like to preface this blog by sharing with you that I used to roll my eyes when someone would mention mindfulness – I just did not buy into it. However, Mindfulness has been proven to be effective time and time again through research. But what the heck is it? Before I was able to understand mindfulness, I had to first understand what self-compassion was. Self-Compassion and Mindfulness, Part I: What Does…

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