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4 Risks of the Infidelity Trap

July 22, 2019

After a review of the latest research on affair risks for committed relationships (those that are exclusive sexually and romantically), the most thought-provoking discovery was not the research itself. Instead, it was the presentation of the infidelity statistics as “highly variable” and having much “uncertainty.” As an example, when consolidating research findings, Gottman (2017) notes a “cautious conclusion” stating infidelity rates are “probably about 20% for men and 15% for women.” The author’s use of such vague…

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LOVE Lacking Answers

June 12, 2019

Steven Losardo Per a recent Harvard Study, 65% of over 3,000 young adults or high school student ages 18 to 25 years old desire information about LOVE (Weissbourd et al. 2017). Despite many learning about LOVE from parents, or a caregiver, educators and other adults the knowledge provided “tends not to engage young people in any depth about what mature love is” (p. 2). Additionally, the study adds that young people receive little or no guidance “about…

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