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Alexa Ehrlich


Meet Our Therapists — Alexa Ehrlich

May 10, 2018

At Symmetry Counseling, we are proud of our staff of highly trained and experienced licensed mental health professionals. In the above video, meet Alexa Ehrlich, an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist here at Symmetry Counseling. What made you decide to be a therapist? I decided to become a therapist because I have always just really loved understanding relationships, meeting people in my friends’ lives, my family’s lives. I’ve always not only liked relationships but I’ve been really…

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Marriage in Modern Life: Putting in the Effort

June 24, 2017

By: Alexa Ehrlich If so many people crave a happy partnered relationship, why do so many struggle to maintain the relationship for a lifetime? According to Dr. Anne Brennan Malec in her book Marriage in Modern Life, “When infatuation inevitably diminishes and real life intrudes, your partner must remain a priority, or you will eventually run into trouble.” A relationship will not always be so effortless; this is often a false impression most partners make. Most relationship success…

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