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Ariannah Hood


What Happens To My Brain When I’m Anxious?

March 26, 2021

Ariannah Hood, LMSW Everyone deals with anxiety to varying degrees and if you find yourself dealing with intense and consistent anxiety it can be helpful to know what is going on inside your brain and what you can do to counter it.  Anxiety is a response to perceived danger and stressful events. We can actually credit stress and anxiety for helping our primitive ancestors survive by staying vigilant and responding appropriately to dangerous situations. However, today we…

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How Do I Separate Work and Home While Working From Home?

February 7, 2021

Ariannah Hood, LMSW If your home has become your workspace, you may have found it difficult to separate your personal and professional life. By no longer having the ability to leave a work building and enter your home at the end of a workday creates blurred lines between those parts of your life. It is vital to set boundaries while working from home so that you can be productive while working while also reclaiming your house as…

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