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Ashlee Stumpf


Why Do I Hate Myself?

February 22, 2022

By: Ashlee Stumpf, LPC Do you refute or downplay compliments?  Are you continually hard on yourself and wonder why others would want to spend time with you? Do you take criticism as a personal attack?  Will you often accept your feelings as facts? (i.e., “if I feel this strongly, therefore it must be true”) Do you tend to discount achievements as “luck” or “no big deal” while highlighting your mistakes? Do you regularly engage in negative self-talk?…

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What Type of Yoga Best Supports My Mental Health?

January 11, 2022

By: Ashlee Stumpf, LPC Nearly two years ago, I enrolled in a yoga teaching program for educators and counselors. I wasn’t particularly fit, coordinated, or practiced yoga on a regular basis. I was just a counselor who read enough to know yoga has a high correlation with good mental health, more than most other exercises, and I thought I owed to myself and future clients to find out why. What Type of Yoga Will Best Serve My…

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How Binge-Watching Can Affect Mental Health

November 24, 2021

By: Ashlee Stumpf, LPC With the invention of streaming, people are not only being able to consume more content than ever before but from nearly any location. No need to wait to get home to watch that next episode, you can just open up your laptop, tablet, or phone and boom! Get a show in on your lunch hour and maybe another one or two on your commute home and if you stay up a little later…

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How Season Affective Disorder Spends Its Summer Vacation

August 1, 2021

Ashlee Stumpf MA, LPC I don’t like summer. Nope. Not a fan, probably because I always need a fan and an air conditioner or two on at all times. The days of just leaving my windows open vanish and just like that my once reasonable electric bill becomes one of my biggest expenses of the month. And my critiques go on from there. Bugs come back. Humidity is relentless. Wearing less/shorter clothes makes me feel uncomfortable. My…

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What Are 7 Forms of Domestic Abuse Besides Physical & Sexual?, Part 2

February 22, 2021

By: Ashlee Stumpf, LPC To review from part one of this short blog series, “Domestic abuse…can be defined as a pattern of behavior in any relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner,” ( These relationships include partner, significant other, family member, roommate, or a person in an intimate relationship with someone adjacent to you. The forms often less discussed than physical or sexual abuse but are still commonplace is…

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What Are 7 Forms of Domestic Abuse Besides Physical & Sexual? Part 1

February 21, 2021

By: Ashlee Stumpf, LPC COVID-19 has caused countless issues for us this year; some directly, some indirectly. One indirect consequence of this virus is the rise of domestic violence. To be clear, domestic violence has been at epidemic levels for years, but with recent stay-at-home orders, job losses, and lack of out of the house interaction the reports have gone up. However, no matter the situation, it is NEVER appropriate to abuse another person. Whether your relationship…

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How Do Men and Women Differ in Suicide?

February 9, 2021

By: Ashlee Stumpf, LPC While working in a men’s group for the past four years, I have heard of numerous hardships. One which continues to strike me is the number of these men who had suicidal thoughts or made previous attempts to take their own life. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. According to the World Health Organization, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. As a result, much study has been done…

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4 Ways to Stay Sober While Social Distancing – Part 1

December 25, 2020

Ashlee Stumpf, LPC Sobriety is hard in the best of times; add a global pandemic in the mix and it can almost seem as if the world is wanting you to relapse. However, for many with substance use history, COVID-19 is not the most difficult time of their lives. They have and/or continue to battle against a more personal foe. And many people have adapted before to achieve a healthier, sober lifestyle, here are five ways to…

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How A Good Book Improves Your Mental Health

December 6, 2020

Ashlee Stumpf, LPC It’s unlikely you will go to a doctor’s office and come out with a prescription of J.R.R. Tolkien, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t help. Storytelling is an art form as old as time. We grow up on stories to learn morals, culture, history, and the human experience. Sometimes they may take place in a fantastical world or have characters living lives extraordinarily different to our own, however that doesn’t mean we can gain…

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