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5 Tips for Navigating Procrastination

February 6, 2022

Steven Losardo, LMFT Procrastination is the greatest enemy of having a successful work schedule. Oftentimes, we procrastinate on certain tasks to avoid feelings of monotony, dislike or overwhelm. In doing so, many of us often decide to focus on the works that are easier or more enjoyable, as this makes us still feel we are being productive. In the end, though, we cannot avoid the burnout that will ultimately result when we try to cram in all…

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5 Tips For Self-Care During Times of Loss

December 26, 2021

Steven Losardo, LMFT Sometimes the hardest part of losing someone you care for, isn’t the loss itself, but it’s what happens to you after the loss has occurred. The aftermath is a time to care for yourself and engage in self-care tactics to help get you through this difficult time. There are dozens of self-care methods ranging from something as simple as taking a bath to as extreme as taking that overseas vacation. It really depends on…

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4 Tips to Support A Spouse Having Depression

December 2, 2021

Steven Losardo, MFT Depression of an intimate partner can seem to be a heavy burden to bear, particularly while watching them experience the symptoms. However, it can be equally difficult for the spouse to help but not know where to begin. The good news is that there can be several ways to be supportive when the depression shows up. This blog will review four ways to support a partner in a committed relationship who has depression or…

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4 Things That Can Improve Communication Among Couples

December 1, 2021

Steven Losardo, LMFT There is no set guidebook that we can buy once we choose to commit and step inside the realm of marriage. Marriage requires consistent work, mindfulness, and attentiveness so that each feels supported as possible and secure (Gottman,2017; Abrahams, 1993; Bream, 2017). Clear and constant couple communication sets the foundation for thriving marriages, but sometimes it can feel challenging to convey our minds successfully. Several factors go into effective communication within marriages, and we…

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Why Your Relationship May Be Stuck in Neutral

November 7, 2021

Steven Losardo, MFT Are you currently in a relationship that seemed promising initially but recently has become not so fun or satisfying anymore? Are you beating yourself up about it, or are you starting to secretly wonder if maybe this new, tougher phase is not entirely your fault? And are you feeling afraid to face some of your own deepest fears about the future of the relationship?  The very fact that you are reading this article suggests…

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Did You Know That Resentment Is Withholding Peace from Your Life?

December 10, 2020

Steven Losardo, AMFT More than ever, we need some peace in our lives. The kind of peace that surpasses one’s understanding when it shows up during unforeseen chaos. The inner tranquility brings us a sense we are loved while providing joy, patience, kindness, and goodness. Unfortunately, the road to this mindful place can have a few cobwebs entangling us in relational discord or even hatred. Often, this is due to resentments that we may hold. I wrote…

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4 Premarital Counseling Myths and Opportunities

March 28, 2019

Steven Losardo Suppose you have been in a committed relationship for the past two years. While there are no serious issues and you aspire to be married, there is some doubt. This tension leads to a Google search revealing potential relational problems such as student loans, infidelity, lack of commitment, money, social media, mismatched libido, porn, and stress. You posit that your student loan payoff is an issue and you take some small steps. One is selling…

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9 Ways to Prepare your Relationship for the Holidays

November 18, 2013

Believe it or not, the holiday season is just around the corner.  While most of us look forward to this time of year, it can also be a difficult season for many of us.  For couples, in particular, it can be a time of contradictions.  On the one hand, it is a time to connect, celebrate, and share our gratitude and love toward one another.  On the other hand, however, the holiday season can generate a great…

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9 Signs That You Might Be In An Unhealthy Relationship

November 1, 2013

We all have bad days with our partner. We fight, act badly, and say things we don’t mean. At times we lose our ability to self-soothe, think logically, and treat our loved one well. For healthy couples, however, these missteps are addressed and resolved respectfully. In a healthy relationship, partners genuinely apologize, learn from their mistakes, and integrate this new knowledge into their relationship in a meaningful way. It can be easy to see where you and…

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7 Things To Do When Your Partner Struggles With Anxiety

October 28, 2013

Is your partner struggling with an anxiety disorder? In a given year, anxiety disorders affect about 40 million Americans, or about 18% of the adult population, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. When you suffer from an anxiety disorder, your life is filled with a sense of fearfulness and uncertainty. Worries plague your life, making it difficult to engage in daily tasks and enjoy yourself. The more we know about anxiety, however, the more we…

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