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conflict resolution


7 Ways to Handle Your Triggers

September 24, 2013

When you and your partner argue, it can sometimes feel like you have no choice but to react. When she gets defensive, so do you. And you just can’t stand it when he walks away from you, so you yell a little louder in order to make sure he is really listening. Indeed, our partners can unwittingly trigger our most tender, vulnerable spots, making it difficult to keep cool and think logically. However, these automatic reactions may…

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Don't Let Conflict Get the Best of You: 11 Steps to Increasing Positivity and Reducing Conflict

August 6, 2013

What does a strong, healthy relationship look like? For many of us, the fantasy is that a strong relationship means that there is absolutely no conflict; that the partners agree with and are satisfied about every part of the other person. In reality, of course, conflict between partners is a normal and inevitable component of a healthy relationship. Never discussing the issues in your relationship can actually serve to intensify your problems rather than make them go…

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