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The Easter Hope of a New England Family Part I

May 4, 2019

Steven Losardo The Setting For one family in New England, this Easter means Reactivity Weekend take LXXXV. But really, who’s counting? The weekend is usually made possible through a Good Friday argument exasperating stressors that seemingly began in 1920. Some family members know better and avoid the unfinished business. Others have good intentions and come with a plan to prevent the specific intricacies from imposing a burden. However, they find themselves caught in the drama knowing there…

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Building Empathy in Your Romantic Relationship

January 28, 2014

Most of us understand that empathy, or the ability to connect with someone through feeling with them, is an important part of a good romantic relationship. Even though we know this, time and time again we all fall short when it comes to being empathic with our partner. We get critical when we should be nonjudgmental or take something personally when we should simply be open and accepting. We turn away from our partner’s emotion rather than…

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