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Eve Brownstone


Water and Mental Health

October 13, 2021

By Eve Brownstone, LCPC “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” — Loren Eiseley  All my life I have found magic, healing, and fun in water whether in Lake Michigan, a pool at a JCC, or the shore of the Mediterranean. The first time I remember swimming was four years old at a pool at a YMCA in Hyde Park.  I was hooked. Many of us live in Chicago to live close…

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We Got This!

September 15, 2021

By Eve Brownstone, LCPC  During a family BBQ recently… I want to pause for a moment and say how grateful I am to be able to attend a BBQ with my family.  A year without hugging loved ones is hard. Zoom helped but Arghhhh not the same.  I mentioned to my cousin at the family BBQ,  the way I got through the lockdown and isolation was painting.  I was surrounded by friends. My paintings became my companions.…

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Self-Care With a Creative Twist

May 5, 2021

By Eve Brownstone, LCPC This a friendly reminder and encouragement to take care of ourselves and each other.  I know we are tired of this lockdown. Enough already. It’s keeping us safe. I am looking forward to the vaccine, picnics with friends, swimming in a pool, hugs, and going for coffee at the local coffee shop.  Coffee! What are you looking forward to? Wanted to offer a few creative ideas to help sustain our mental health. Lately,…

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Why Write A Book?

November 29, 2020

By Eve Brownstone, LCPC Why write a book?  We all have a story to tell. Doubts come in.  Do I have a story to tell? I will bore people. I am not a writer. So we convince ourselves that we don’t have a story to tell and we push down our creative energy. I realize not everyone is going to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, but I believe everyone has a heartfelt story to tell and…

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Using Psychodrama

September 9, 2020

By Eve Brownstone, LCPC, Certified Psychodramatist Psychodrama was designed as a group therapy method, in the 1920s, but I find psychodrama techniques very useful with my individual clients. Clients talk about issues but also move into action and try out new behaviors and situations before trying them in “the real world. Psychodrama is also great for taking care of unfinished business with a loved one or helps us learn how to heal from trauma. It helps clients…

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Twins Are Born in Relationship

July 20, 2020

By Eve Brownstone, LCPC When people ask me, “what’s like to be a twin?”, I usually say it’s like being born with a best friend. As an identical twin and years of working with twins, I’ve learned a few things. Twins may attach and bond first with their twin before their parents. We are born in a relationship. Our twinship sets the bar for future relationships. We will look at how this plays out.  1 in 90…

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