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Practical Tips to Help Children Fall Asleep

August 27, 2020

Amanda Ann Gregory, LCPC, EMDR Certified  There are many emotional reasons why children struggle to fall asleep. They might feel excited, worried, bored, or distracted, which can make it difficult to wind down. Try these tips to help a child to fall asleep:  Meet Comfort Needs What does the child need to feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed at night? You can identify these needs by asking the child, or you can experiment by providing these needs and…

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Active Listening Games for Kids

August 3, 2020

Amanda Ann Gregory, LCPC, EMDR Certified  Teaching children active listening skills is vital. These skills can help children improve their social skills and relationships. Here are a few games that you can use to teach active listening skills to a child in your life.  Disclaimer  All children struggle to listen; it’s a fact. Poor listening is a component of healthy child development. Children often interrupt, struggle to remain still, forget, and get easily distracted. Sometimes, adults unknowing…

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Twins Are Born in Relationship

July 20, 2020

By Eve Brownstone, LCPC When people ask me, “what’s like to be a twin?”, I usually say it’s like being born with a best friend. As an identical twin and years of working with twins, I’ve learned a few things. Twins may attach and bond first with their twin before their parents. We are born in a relationship. Our twinship sets the bar for future relationships. We will look at how this plays out.  1 in 90…

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Social Media and Mental Health

July 8, 2020

Kaitlin Broderick LCPC Social media can be a wonderful tool. It can keep us connected to people all over the world and help us keep in touch with people we may have lost touch with otherwise. However, it can also be self-sabotaging and destructive and may cause us to feel poorly about ourselves. How can we tell if we are using social media in a beneficial way or in a way that makes us ultimately feel worse…

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Giving Too Much of Yourself?

June 28, 2020

Kaitlin Broderick, LCPC We grow as people by getting outside of ourselves and being able to think of and help others. Some people even say this is a necessary component of finding happiness. However, how do you know when you are giving too much of yourself and neglecting the one person you need to take care of the most (yourself?) The following guidelines can help you in becoming a “successful giver”, someone who thinks of others while…

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