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Melanie Lustbader


How Does Music Therapy Benefit Eating Disorders?

November 20, 2021

By Melanie Lustbader, LPC When individuals thinks of music therapy, it is not often thought of with eating disorder treatment. Music therapy promotes self-determination and collaboration in clients who are experiencing mental health concerns by focusing on an individual’s strengths. Some people may experience decreased stress and lowered anxiety while listening to music, but that goes for playing instruments as well. When an individual plays or listens to music, it may boost self-confidence and self-esteem in playing…

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How Does Self Esteem Differ In Gender Roles?

June 22, 2021

Melanie Lustbader, LPC As a newborn, babies are either given a blue or pink hat, depending if they’re male or female. As the infant gets older, the females are expected to play with dolls and males are expected to play with trucks or trains. Society gives gender roles and assigns either objects or certain activities to be feminine or masculine. Gender roles are culturally defined as behaviors that are seen as appropriate for males and females including…

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Intuitive Eating During The Holidays

April 29, 2021

Melanie Lustbader, LPC Do you feel more stressed around the holidays?  If the answer is yes, it may be from financial stress, family, loss, and added emphasis on food.  According to, “Intuitive eating offers an empowering approach to holiday food choices for both your body and mind, resulting in more enjoyment, less guilt and better health” (Garone, 2020). Intuitive eating is when an individual becomes more aligned with their body’s natural hunger cues. Some individuals can…

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Does The Weather Truly Affect Your Mood?

March 30, 2021

Melanie Lustbader, LPC           It is a fact that sunlight increases serotonin levels in the body that makes a person happier. This may be a reason that moods are elevated in the summer. In the winter months, the sun may come out less and therefore result in decreased mood. According to Dr. Nigel Barber, an evolutionary psychologist, “Most of us tolerate the short days of winter, although being confined at home due to extreme cold interferes with…

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