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5 Ways To Shift Perspective on Being Single

November 8, 2021

Steven Losardo, LMFT When seeing your friends get married or in a happy relationship, it can be hard not to hate being single, but there are better ways to look at it. Use this time of being single to enjoy your freedom, work on yourself, and try new hobbies or interests. You may have not found “the one” yet, but you will in due time. It is always better to be single than be in an unhealthy…

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Dating After Mending: 5 Considerations When Beginning a New Relationship

September 14, 2021

Steven Losardo, MFT  When beginning a new relationship, remember to consider your own character as well as theirs, and be aware that this new love interest has their own unique story. Keep in mind, too, that your prior experiences will not match theirs. Whatever your past history, however, whether you were burned in your past relationships, or you betrayed someone else, it is still possible to enter into a healthy new relationship.  How will you know? Have…

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4 Tips to Support Your Partner Through a Career Change

September 13, 2021

Steven Losardo, MFT  Your partner has just approached you on the subject of a career change. They may have been thinking about it for some time now. Before you react, put yourself in their shoes, and realize that this new career path could be the best thing for them now. If your finances are interconnected, and most couples’ are, there is clear potential for tension and stress. However, you may need time to make some adjustments to…

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5 Tips to Decrease Work Stress with Your Spouse

August 6, 2021

Steven Losardo, MFT  Returning to the office after working from home or being unemployed during the pandemic can be an adjustment. The change may be adding stress and negatively impacting your relationships, but there are paths to relief. Together with your spouse, you can help each other relieve stress by using various exercises.  Tip 1: The Gottman Stress Reduction Conversation One of the best ways to reduce stress with your spouse is the Gottman Stress Reduction Conversation,…

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