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Shannon Duffy


What to Do When You Think Therapy is Not Working for You

May 24, 2020

Shannon M. Duffy, MFT, LCPC Making the decision to enter therapy is tough enough and we intend to have an overall positive and impactful experience. However, when we get to a place where we feel it is not working for us that can cause more distress and bring on doubt about feeling optimistic towards getting better. Feeling frustrated within therapy can be helpful to assess what is not working and what is working but not at the…

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Depression as a Precursor to other Health Conditions

May 6, 2020

Shannon M. Duffy, MFT, LCPC Addressing your mental health is essential for overall health and wellness for so many reasons, beyond just the need to feel better about your outlook on life. Those who have a greater genetic risk for depression are also at greater risk for other physical and mental health conditions. As we have become known to this risk, assessing for depression is a must in all fields within medical, dentistry, and functional medicine. Of…

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Book Recommendation: “Breaking up with Sugar" by Molly Carmel

April 28, 2020

Shannon M. Duffy, MFT, LCPC When a former colleague writes a book, of course it’s exciting and a must read in support. However, this read is so much more and I feel I must share it and recommend it to all. In my private practice I work with disordered eating and eating disorders and this book really focuses in on how to look at your relationship food and find peace with it. It also presents what we…

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The Importance of Sleep

December 9, 2019

Shannon M. Duffy, MFT, LCPC Sleep is the most important factor that we tend to overlook and vital for all aspects of one’s health. Everyone would all love to have seven to nine peaceful hours of sleep each night. However, that is not always the goal within our fast-paced society. It’s ironic that as an infant, there is so much importance on sleep and regulated sleep and then as adults we put more value on the waking…

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November 23, 2019

Shannon M. Duffy, MFT, LCPC Meditation has soared past being the just the latest trend. Research has been presenting the benefits for years and most practitioners in the fields of health and wellness are noting the importance of what finding more calm can do for your lifestyle. However, I still notice the hesitation within my therapeutic practice of those individuals who are unsure of what meditation entails and if they can even attempt to find calm within…

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Coping With Chronic Pain

September 20, 2019

Shannon M. Duffy, MFT, LCPC Pain affects your overall mood and in turn, can affect the quality of your life. It is becoming more important and beneficial for those who experience acute and chronic pain to address pain management within the psychotherapy atmosphere. We typically just associate pain with physical components, however, those who have chronic pain experience unpleasant sensory and emotional difficulties. There is a very high prevalence of comorbidity of mood disorders with those who…

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Lying to Your Therapist

August 29, 2019

Shannon M. Duffy, MFT, LCPC As a therapist I want to provide a safe place for every individual to feel they can be open and honest as they begin therapy and throughout the process. I am fond of the phrase, “these are four non-judgmental walls” within my office to provide my client’s reassurance. However, many individuals choose to withhold the truth or alter the severity of their concerns within therapy. This is common practice and many times…

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Finding a Therapist

June 30, 2019

Shannon M. Duffy, MFT, LCPC Making the decision to find a therapist can be intimidating and at times overwhelming. The decision alone to start talk therapy is a major step and finding the best therapist for yourself should not have to be complex. It is however essential to take the time to find a competent therapist by utilizing a few identifying factors that will aid in this selection process. The first step is to start inquiring or…

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Solution-Focused Therapy

April 26, 2019

Shannon M. Duffy, MFT, LCPC Reaching out for therapeutic services can feel overwhelming and at times individuals will feel as though their presenting concerns are not severe enough for long term therapy. However, that is not necessarily the case and even the more situational concerns are appropriate for therapeutic services. Specifically, those concerns would be utilizing the therapeutic technique of Solution Focused Therapy. This method can be of benefit by utilizing 3-6 therapy sessions to address finding…

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Collaborative Care

March 10, 2019

Shannon M. Duffy, MFT, LCPC When we seek out help from medical providers, we are putting trust in that the provider can “fix” or “solve” our presenting concerns. This is also seen within the mental health field, in how individuals will enter therapy for answers to what is “wrong” with them. Finding these answers cannot always come from the help of just one provider or treatment method. It can be helpful for an individual to utilize all…

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