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5 Ways To Shift Perspective on Being Single

November 8, 2021

Steven Losardo, LMFT When seeing your friends get married or in a happy relationship, it can be hard not to hate being single, but there are better ways to look at it. Use this time of being single to enjoy your freedom, work on yourself, and try new hobbies or interests. You may have not found “the one” yet, but you will in due time. It is always better to be single than be in an unhealthy…

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10 Ways to Embrace Being Single During the Holidays

December 20, 2013

Are you not looking forward to the upcoming holiday season because you are single? Unfortunately, many people who are not in a romantic relationship experience stress, sadness, depression, and loneliness during the holidays. And not for nothing. Our holiday culture certainly perpetuates the idea that the holidays are better when you are in a romantic relationship. We are bombarded with images related to buying that perfect gift for your special someone or sharing a cuddly night by…

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