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4 Tips to Support Your Partner Through a Career Change

September 13, 2021

Steven Losardo, MFT  Your partner has just approached you on the subject of a career change. They may have been thinking about it for some time now. Before you react, put yourself in their shoes, and realize that this new career path could be the best thing for them now. If your finances are interconnected, and most couples’ are, there is clear potential for tension and stress. However, you may need time to make some adjustments to…

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6 Tips For When The Corona Virus Brings Uncertainty, Worry Or Anxiety

April 1, 2020

Steven Losardo, AMFT In clinical practice, many behavioral tools assist with decreasing worry. Tools such as mindfulness, gratefulness logs, thought logs, prayer, and meditation all can be effective. Their efficacy is proven in many research studies. Several use an fMRI, and the data suggests that we can re-train our minds with these tools and others to build our emotional intelligence (EI) (Fishbane, 2013). Because the change to EI entails rewiring the brain, it requires much repetition and…

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