Online Counseling—Illinois

Life can so often feel as if there are not enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. Between long hours at work, family commitments, and all those other schedule fillers, it can be hard to find five minutes to stop and breathe. Your mental health and emotional well-being are important, but when your schedule is ready to burst at the seams, every minute matters.

Save Time Without Skipping Appointments

The team at Symmetry Counseling understands that sometimes, you just do not have the time to make it to our offices for a counseling session. Now, instead of incurring a no-show or cancellation fee, you can keep your appointments virtually! As long as you have access to a computer with internet, we can provide virtual counseling sessions wherever you happen to be.

How Online Counseling Works

We provide virtual counseling through a platform called Zoom. Through Zoom, we can provide secure, private, HIPAA and PHI compliant therapy sessions through a video chat. Virtual counseling means you can skip the waiting room and nix travel time without missing a session. Schedule a virtual counseling session the same way you would usually schedule your in-person therapy sessions and our team will give you more instruction on how to log in to your secure session. The platform works with both Mac and PC computers as well as iOS and Android tablets and phones, so all you have to do is find somewhere quiet with an internet connection and log-in when it’s time for your session.


Who Can Use It

The short answer is: anyone! As long as you are a resident of Illinois, we can offer tele-health counseling wherever you are. This includes:

  • Those with busy schedules - schedule a session during your lunch or whenever you have the time to meet with your therapist but don’t have time to come to us.
  • Those with mobility issues & social anxiety - if coming to our office is difficult, we are happy to meet with you virtually so you can keep up with your therapy sessions without the hassle.
  • Travelers - whether you’re leaving town for a vacation or you travel frequently for work, don’t miss out on a therapy session just because you aren’t in town.
  • Rural Illinois residents - for those who live outside of Chicago, it can be a hassle to travel into the city for therapy sessions. Now, you can receive the same help from the comfort of your home.
  • Couples or families living apart - if you and your partner are separated or you are working through struggles for family members living in different areas, tele-health sessions offer the opportunity for everyone to meet with their counselor together, regardless of the physical distance.


The good news is, many insurance policies cover tele-medicine appointments just the same as an in-office visit. If you already use your insurance to cover the cost of your counseling sessions, you may be able to do the same with virtual counseling sessions. We accept both self-pay and insurance to pay for virtual counseling sessions, so check your policy to see what is covered by your specific provider. If your insurance provider does not cover tele-health, contact our team to ask about self-pay, either for a one time virtual counseling session or ongoing meetings.

If you have further questions about how online counseling works, please contact the Symmetry Counseling team. We are happy to answer any questions you have and to help you get set up for virtual counseling. If you are an Illinois resident, contact the Symmetry Counseling team today to schedule a virtual counseling session today!