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10 Ways to Overcome Missing Out

There are often times when our friends are hanging out and we have to say no, but we are watching where they are checking in on Facebook, what stories they are putting on Instagram, or what snaps they are taking on SnapChat. We tend to feel sad and mad that we have to work or do something else and cannot be with them. In modern terms, it is called “fear of missing out” also known as FOMO. I definitely have FOMO, and it has become a challenge to get over the FOMO, but here are 10 ways to overcome those feelings.

  • Slow down. Not everyone is on the same page. We all have different boundaries and things that we need to do. You have your own life and we do not have to do everything that someone says we should do. You are allowed to say no and have time for yourself at times too.
  • Practice what you need. Being able to say no is very important. Setting boundaries for yourself and practicing saying “no, I cannot come since I have previous plans”. More is not better and allowing yourself to say no to some things will make you feel better over all too.
  • Go for the experience. Do not go to an event just because your friends are going. Go for the experience. Go for what interests you and you want to learn from.
  • Be okay with not having everything. You are just one person and you cannot do everything that you are asked to do. Prioritizing what is important in the moment is important. If 5 different people ask you to do something and you only have a few hours, identify what is important for you and being ok with not being able to do it all.
  • Focus on one thing at time. Have patience. Multitasking is hard and it can be overwhelming and sometimes cause anxiety and stress. Focus on one group of people for a day or weekend and do not allow yourself to wonder what others are doing. Give the people/person you are with your full attention and enjoy the time with them.
  • Practice mindfulness. Allowing yourself to engage in deep breathing can help you overcome your feelings of FOMO. Focusing on you and what you need for yourself is most important.
  • Prioritize what’s important. Being around people that provide quality relationships are very important, so prioritizing those people is important. Do not allow things that you are not excited about or interested in take over your mind. Prioritize what you want for yourself and what is most important for you.
  • Savor what you have in front of you. Be thankful for what you have in front of you. Be attentive and focused at what is ahead of you and not what else you have to do. Not everyone gets the ability to connect with close friends or family and so to really allowing yourself to be grateful for all that you have is important.
  • Create an attitude of gratitude. Increased gratitude for what is there. It allows us to live in the moment and not to wonder about what else is out there. It provides us grounding and focus.
  • Enjoy the process. Bringing together all of these things can provide us the opportunity to be surrounded by people we love. Being able to enjoy what we have and what life is bringing us can allow us to not become overwhelmed at what we don’t have.

If you are struggling with FOMO and need support with understanding how to overcome your feelings and emotions, contact any of our talented therapists for support.

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