Andrew McNaughton, LCSW, CADC

Are you worried that a certain behavior is causing issues in your life? Are you wondering how to address problematic behaviors in your life? If you aren’t sure whether or not you need a professional therapist to help you modify a behavior, there are certain signs that indicate it is time to get help. These four red flags can can serve as warning signs that a behavior is becoming problematic.

Red Flag #1: It’s impacting your relationships.

Red Flag #2: It’s impacting your finances/legal freedom.

Red Flag #3: It’s impacting your work/school.

Red Flag #4: It’s impacting your physical health.

In this blog, we approach this issue from an addiction’s perspective so you can see how it applies to drug and alcohol use, but this translates to any range of behaviors. Any type of high-risk behaviors can cause issues in these areas of life, indicating they are a problem. Some examples include driving too fast, high risk sexual activities, shoplifting, and shopping sprees. Regardless of the specific behavior, if it is impacting any of the areas of life listed above, it indicates that it is becoming problematic.

What Can You Do?

Seek consultation with a professional. See a therapist, preferably someone who specializes in behavioral modification. This can help you identify problematic behaviors and help you make simple (but not necessarily easy) adjustments. Often changes can be implemented fairly quickly.
Find a support group. In addition to talking with a licensed professional, a support group can provide you with the community you need to thrive.

Regardless of whether your problem is sex, drugs, or chocolate, if it is negatively impacting your relationships, finances, legal freedom, work, or physical health, it’s time to seek help. At Symmetry Counseling, we have many qualified therapists on staff with extensive experience in helping with behavioral issues, including Andrew McNaughton. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for therapy in Chicago.