Meenal Patel, Licensed Professional Counselor

We are not always nice to ourselves which can cause a lot of anxiety or stress. If we are able to be kind to ourselves, then more than likely, our mood will change and we will feel more confident in who we are and how we hold ourselves. You have to love yourself in order to others to love you. That also applies to being kind to yourself. Be kind to yourself so others will also treat you with the respect what you deserve.

Invest in Yourself

You get to be your number one cheerleader take time for yourself and really focus on you and what your needs are. You get to decide what you want for your life, so take the time for yourself to invest.


Being able to wind down and not stress is important in being kind to yourself. Being able to focus on what’s important and prioritizing can lead to less stress and also being nice to your own body.

Appreciate Yourself

You only get one chance and you only get one body. Appreciate what your body and mind has done for you. Focusing on your attributes of your own self and allowing yourself to be kind to yourself. Appreciate what you have and all that’s occurred.

Think Positively

Being positive is a huge proponent on being kind to yourself. Being able to have a positive mindset will change a lot in your own life. Being able to see things in a positive mindset is important and will increase self love.

Be Kind Towards Others

The saying is to treat others how you want to be treated. Being kind to others will then in retrospect make them be kind to you and you can see how it feels. If you radiate kindness then it will come back to you too.

Be Your Own Best Friend

You get to choose your friends, so why not choose yourself? Be your own best friend and with friends you are honest with them. So be honest with yourself. Treat yourself like you would your best friend


Laughter is the best medicine and that’s what the doctor prescribed. Our brain chemicals change when we laugh and we always feel positive when we laugh. Laughing can cause a lot of positives in our lives, so use it!

You’re in Control

You get to decide what you want, so take control of your own emotions. Be aware of what you say and do. Take responsibility for your own actions and thought process.

Remind Yourself of How Kind You Are

You are a nice person and you have a lot of kindness to give to yourself and others. Reminding yourself that you have kindness instilled in you can help you identify ways to project it outwardly too.

Take a few minutes every day to talk to yourself in a positive way and being nice to yourself. You only get once, so taking the correct steps to move towards a nicer you. If you feel like you are not being kind to yourself, try to process what you can do differently in life to make you be kinder. If you feel like you are struggling, feel free to contact any of our talented therapists at Symmetry Counseling for support.