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How to Stay Positive

During the coronavirus period of our lives, also known as COVID-19, I feel like people around have become very paranoid (which is valid emotions) but we are forgetting how to stay positive in times of panic. Humans sometimes tend to forget that there are positives in our lives and we focus on the negatives. Lets refocus on positives and reminding ourselves how to. In this post, I will makes sure I work on providing you ways to think positively even in times of distress or negativity.

1. Find an optimistic view point on something negative. For example, if you are thinking “I am lazy” change your mindset into saying “I am allowing myself some time for self-care but I will do something active later”. Being able to find positives out of our negatives is important, even if it is smaller things. Also thinking during this how can I find positives throughout your thoughts. It is hard, but trying is the most important thing.

2. Cultivate a positive environment. Surround yourself with positive people. Make sure that you are allowing only positive people in your life and not allowing negatives to enter. If you recognize that there is a lot of negative feelings surrounding you, trying to change the environment and helping them recognize that they are being negative is important.

3. Think slowly. When we are quick to speak, we often times do not think properly and say what is on our mind right away. If you are to slow down and think clearly, you might be surprised in what you say and how you say things. Allowing yourself those few mili-seconds to think will change how you view life and talk.

4. Don’t allow yourself to spiral. If you feel like you are spiraling into a slew of negative thoughts, allow yourself to slow down and not think negatively. Be mindful of what you are thinking and ty to challenge yourself out of negative thoughts.

5. Don’t stop what you want to do. Sometimes we tend to think negatively or go into negative spirals because people tell us we cannot do something. Do not let others control your thoughts or what you are capable of. Being open to what they have to say, but then allowing ourselves to think positively is key.

6. Take criticism healthy. As stated earlier, people tend to pull us down into their own spirals. Allowing ourselves to be take what they have to say, but to think about what we actually want from what they have to say. Allowing yourself to make decisions and think positively in situations of distresses or negativity.

7. Self care. There are various ways to engage in self care that can help create positivity in yourself. There are previous blogs that I have written about self care, but some things you can do is meditation, yoga, exercise, adult coloring books, cooking, baths, etc. Finding things that help you relax is important when you are spiraling.

If you feel like you are still thinking negatively allow yourself to try what points I have suggested above. If you feel like you are needing more help, feel free to reach out to any of our talented therapists at Symmetry Counseling for more support. Reminding yourself to stay positive during tough and stressful times is key!

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