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It’s OK to Cry…

It is ok to cry.  It is ok to cry. It is ok to cry. (insert tears). 

Why do we feel like it’s not ok to cry? Why do we feel like crying equals a sign of weakness?  Why does crying mean that we are sad? Why do people become awkward when someone is crying? I do not know how many times I can say this, but it is OK to cry.  It is ok to allow yourself to cry if its through happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, or even nothing. Sometimes a good cry can help us alleviate a lot of emotions that we are holding in internally.  Lets continue reading to understand why crying can be good for us. 

  • Alleviate stress. Crying causes our brain to release emotions which then allows us to feel better.  You have probably heard from people that having a good cry in the shower has allowed them to feel better. 
  • Soothing effect.  Crying allows us to soothe ourselves.  Babies cry for a reason-sometimes when they need something, but it is also their ability to sooth themselves.  It allows us to regulate our own emotions, calm ourselves, and allow ourselves to destress.
  • You will feel better.  After a good cry, you will feel yourself lighter and able to focus on what is at hand.  If you are stressed, crying will allow you to refocus and redirect your attention to what you need to get done.
  • Gets our needs met.  Not always is this a good thing, but it can help get your needs met.  When we cry we often times get what we want. Being able to make sure that we use this only when needed, and not just because we want to.

There is no specific amount of time or frequency that is healthy for you to cry.  Studies state that women cry more than men, but it is ok for men to cry too. Both men and women should cry that which can help them alleviate a lot of emotions. 

In a more mental health perspective, crying helps us with our anxiety and depression also.  It helps us reconnect with ourselves and how we can better cope with our own emotions. It allows us to calm our own bodies just like other aspects of self-care that we should engage with for ourselves.

There are of course a lot of medical health reasons of why crying is healthy, but being able to cry is healthy.  Do not restrict yourself from releasing some tears for yourself. If someone criticizes you for crying, remind them that it is not a sign of weakness but more of a sign of strength that you need for yourself. 

If you feel like you are struggling with crying and feeling like you are alone with crying, do not feel like you are.  There are lots of individuals that are crying and they are all feeling the same way you are. If you feel like you are struggling, please contact any of our talented therapists to gain more support and assistance.

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