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Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Online dating is now a way that many people are meeting their spouses. There are many different dating apps for our phones and then ones that are more computer based. There are ones that you can meet based on looks, or GPS of the way you travel to work, personality, etc. I cannot even keep up with all the ones that are out there. Online dating is normal and with society today, it is a great way to meet people and weed out the “bad ones” and really identify what you are looking for.

With traditional dating, there is no difference with online dating in that there are pros and cons to both. Continue reading to see what pros and cons there are with online dating.



You get to sit behind your phone and computer in your pajamas and talk to someone on the internet. You do not have to get ready or look a certain way to have a conversation with someone.


The “bio” space on many dating websites and apps are very limited. You get to pick whatever you want to write about yourself and allow yourself to be honest and show your best attributes.


Due to online dating being so much more popular now, than even 5-10 years ago, there are tons of people online now a days. There is a huge variety of people doing online dating, so you get to pick from a huge sea of people that match what you are looking for.

Get to Be Yourself

You get to be yourself behind the computer screen. You do not have to be this certain person to match the other person. You get to be 100% honest and if you do not like the other persons, or they do not like you, then no hurt feelings. You do not know them and you do not have to match a certain personality style as you might have had to in person.


Cost (Including Time)

Some of these dating apps can cost a bit of money and some are free. But with the ones that you have to pay for, they are not always cost effective especially if you are serious about dating. Identifying for yourself if you want to pay to find your partner-that is your decision. Cost including time is important to recognize. You have to be able to communicate well to meet people online. You will probably spend a lot of time texting/emailing/chatting with the person before meeting them.


With talking online, there are times when things get construed differently. You might perceive things differently and being able to be transparent and be more open and honest about who you are to a stranger is difficult. Being able to focus on what your goals are and how much you want to put out.

Taking Risks

You do not always have the ability to do exactly as you want, because you will have to take risks. You might not find someone as attractive in their photos, but their personality is more important and so you will take that risk in meeting up or talking to them. You do not always know who that person is talking behind the screen, so taking that risk of meeting up with them is a big step in the dating world. Taking precautions when online dating is very important.

Do not feel embarrassed to utilize online dating, as many people do it. Just be safe in where you meet people and how much information you give them prior to actually getting to know them. If you feel like you are stuck in the dating world, reach out to our talented therapists for help.

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