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Seek Help (Even If You Don’t Think You Need It)

Have you ever felt so out of control with your own emotions, actions, or thoughts and never had anyone to turn to express your actions, thoughts, or emotions? Have you ever felt alone? Scared? Lonely? Sad? Overly excited? Lack of interest in almost anything? You are not alone in feeling any of these emotions, and many more emotions. Seeking help is completely okay and can help you in many ways (definitely more than you can think about).

In the recent few weeks, a lot of celebrities have come out discussing their own mental health concerns following the suicide deaths of World Music Artist, Avicii, World Renown Designer, Kate Spade and International Foodie, Anthony Bourdain. Lady Gaga came out expressing her thoughts about mental illness too, and her suffering with suicidal thoughts and ideations for many years. Not only have these few celebrities spoke about the mental health stigma, many, many more, and even you, YES, YOU, can get help if needed and get others to seek help.

You go to see your dentist yearly (sometimes even twice a year), you go to your eyes checked, you go to your primary care physician for a yearly check-up, but when was the last time you got your mind checked? Coming in for therapy every few months is not harmful and can help possibly detect something that you might not have noticed.

Holding back emotions can lead to more difficulty later on in life. I know I have bottled things up for a while, and then eventually they just come out (sometimes even like word vomit) and they are said in maybe some not so nice ways, and others get offended. Therapy helps individuals speak what is on their mind and helping you alter your learning process to communicate with others in a different way. When you bottle emotions and thoughts in, they can be processed differently and can cause negative thought patterns.

Therapy helps with giving people (and you) a whole new perspective on yourself and life. Psychotherapy supports you understanding yourself and others around you by changing our thoughts and shifting the lenses you have been viewing life through. While being able to change your viewpoint on life, it also helps you to avoid curve balls and deal with emotions/thoughts/actions in a more positive manner. Therapy helps teach you how to deal with life in a healthy way that you are able to cope and be in control over.

There are many reasons you can take the first step in coming in for initial intake (and not limited to) depression or anxiety, relationship struggles, social isolation/shyness, life transition changes, eating disorders/body image issues, sexual issues, grief, lack of motivation, or challenges with education (school). At Symmetry Counseling, we have trained therapists that can help in each of these aspects and others that are not listed. Even if you do not feel like any of those reasons match with you, coming in to just talk to someone can be helpful for yourself.

Starting this journey of therapy can be really rewarding experience and there is no reason to feel embarrassed to come to therapy. One in 5 adults have a mental condition (that’s over 40 million Americans).  An estimated 56% of American adults do not receive treatment for their mental health. Do not become one of these statistics that are not seeking support.

If you feel like you need to see a professional to help you, all of our counselors are willing to help you! Feel free to contact us and schedule an intake with us.

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