Meenal Patel, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

As we are at home more often lately and working from home, I have noticed my anxiety increase along with some of my clients. I struggle with anxiety and not being able to see friends and have to plan outings such as grocery shopping has increased my anxiety. So what is triggering your anxiety lately?  Continue reading to find common triggers for peoples triggers.

Health Issues

I think right now we are seeing a lot of anxiety due to COVID-19 and the history of what we know about it now.  But any type of health issue can cause us some anxiety. It can be a diagnosis, or even just visiting a physician for a general check up.


Medications vary between each individual, and there is not one “miracle” medication that will fit everyone.  So to understand that some medications might give you anxiety and some might not.  You might feel anxious on a certain medication and your sibling might not.  Talking to your doctor that is prescribing your medication is important if you are not feeling right on it. 


Just like medications affect people differently, so does caffeine.  One cup of coffee might make us feel more jittery than others so being mindful if you are not a caffeine drinker, how much you are intaking.  Caffeine alters the way our bodies react and what our emotions are like, so being mindful of how much you are intaking even if you are a big caffeine drinker or not.

Skipping meals

People often times do not recognize how much food impacts us, especially when we are feeling highly anxious.  Without food, our bodies cannot function to their full potential, so making sure that you are eating and drinking water when your body says that it needs it.  Listen to your body in regards to what it needs.

Negative thinking

When we tend to allow our minds to spiral, we are not taking care of ourselves which then can lead us to feeling anxious.  Seeking the proper care and support while also utilizing your coping skills will make sure that you are not spiraling into negative thoughts.

Social events

If you have social anxiety, then your anxiety is probably higher when you are to engage with groups of people that you might know or that you don’t know.  Even big performances and speaking events can cause your anxiety to rise.  Make sure that you are breathing throughout the situation you may be in and make sure you are utilizing proper coping skills.


Conflict causes anxiety often times due to the unknowns of what the other person is thinking or feeling.  It causes us to feel differently in the situation and we are not always thinking in the right manner as we should.  Allowing yourself to feel comfortable in conflict and standing your ground can lead you to lessen your anxiety. 


Stress is such a big trigger for anxiety.  Stress makes us feel unable to control our emotions at times and making sure that we are controlling our stress in a healthy way.  Tehre are lot of coping skills that can help us battle our stress, but making sure that we are truly using the skills that we have to manage our stress so we do not become anxious.

Personal triggers

There are always personal things that might not relate to everyone on what causes you anxiety.  Making sure that you are identifying them and understanding how can you manage the feelings is important.

If you feel like you are struggling with anxiety, reach out to any of our talented therapists at Symmetry Counseling for an intake appointment for therapy in Chicago. We offer support in our office and via online counseling services.