At Symmetry Counseling, one of our most sought-after services is financial therapy. Many people do not consider the emotional aspects of their money until they are experiencing conflict with their spouse over their budget, or they find that their spending has gotten out of control and they can’t stop it. Money can cause major interpersonal and internal struggles in our lives, and at Symmetry Counseling, we have a full perspective of just how impactful money can be on your health and happiness. This is why we offer financial therapy to both individuals and couples. Our founder Anne Malec is a leading financial therapist, and often consults journalists on the emotional money issues. For example, in a recent CNN article, Dr. Malec talks to Kathryn Vasel about how couples with different spending habits can balance their budget. Money is often a source of conflict with couples, particularly if one person is a saver and the other is a spender. If this is the case, a couple might benefit from unpacking the emotional issues they have with money through financial therapy. Learn more by reading the article, and if you’re looking for financial therapy or couples therapy in Chicago, contact Symmetry Counseling.