Do you feel sad, unhappy, and unusually irritated or frustrated? Are you having difficulty sleeping or feel fatigued during the day? Are you having trouble concentrating, remembering things, and making decisions? Have you lost interest in aspects of your life that typically excite you and bring you pleasure?

We all have bad days, but when these kinds of problems persist for weeks on end and interfere with daily life, they may be signs of depression. For some, their depression symptoms are severe and unmistakable. Sometimes, a depressive episode is linked to stressful life-events, like a death in the family or a loss of a job. For others, they simply feel an overall sense of unhappiness without knowing why.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Researchers at the State University of Stony Brook, in conjunction with the WHO, found that nearly 1 in 5 American adults reported having experienced a depressive episode. NAMI also suggests that 1 in 7 mothers may suffer from postpartum depression, a form of depression that can set in after a woman gives birth. Although depression can manifest it many different ways, it is always disruptive, debilitating, and can feel overwhelming and hopeless to fix.

The good news is, is that treatment for depression helps! There are a number of options for people who suffer from depression, but many find that a combination of psychotherapy (sometimes called counseling or talk therapy) and medication helps them manage and, ultimately, alleviate their depression symptoms. For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy is effective for depression, as it can help you better understand and change the thoughts and actions in your life that are linked to your symptoms.

Whether your symptoms are mild or severe, therapy for depression at Symmetry Counseling can provide you with a safe environment to explore the causes of your depression, manage the debilitating symptoms you are experiencing, and enhance your quality of life. Your therapist can help you find hope in what feels like a hopeless situation and help you gain control of your life again.