Do you ever experience troubling thoughts? Ever feel a sense of panic or anxiety? Do you ever have a feeling of worthlessness or other depressive thoughts? Do these thoughts feel as though they are the absolute truth? Do those thoughts lead to self-destructive behaviors?

With the help of a therapist using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) you can challenge those beliefs. While working with a therapist utilizing CBT you will examine the relationships between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Working collaboratively with your therapist to identify patterns leading to destructive thoughts and behaviors can lead to improved coping skills. Symmetry Counseling therapists utilize a problem-focused and goal oriented treatment model which integrates homework to continue in the effectiveness and progression of the therapy.

One of the common uses for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is in the treatment of depression. Through therapy you will learn how to change negative thought patterns and decrease the negative interpretation of the experiences, creating a more realistic understanding of the events. CBT is also used to treat anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, panic disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

If you would like to gain back the control of your thoughts and increase effective coping skills, make an appointment today to meet with a Symmetry Counseling therapist. Negative thoughts don’t have to control your life.