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Parenthood Counseling: Single, Biological, Step

Parenting is often describes as possibly the most stressful – and most fulfilling – job of one’s life. There is perhaps no other connection between two humans that is as bonded and infinite as parenthood, and none other with the potential to cause so much anxiety and pain.

Parenthood also brings with it one of the most jarring and immediate transitions in life that can shock even the most prepared of parents-to-be. Many parents have questions about how to best raise their children through the expected and unexpected bumps along the way, and there are many answers to each of those questions.

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Transition to Parenthood

Entering parenthood brings with it a wealth of emotions, ranging from excitement and happiness to fear of the unknown. Suddenly, a unit of two has become three, with the new baby requiring an immense amount of time and resources to care for.

Common questions and issues that arise during this time include: selecting a primary caretaker for the child; adjusting to new schedules and financial responsibilities; balancing work and family obligations; and maintaining the marital relationship while adjusting to the new roles of parenthood.

Some families may experience the baby blues or post-partum depression. These are all common issues that arise during the transition to parenthood.

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Single Parenthood Counseling

More than 12 million American households are headed by a single parent, and in 80% of the cases, that parent is a woman.

Single parents may experience a unique set of stressors, including increased need for social support, financial difficulties, and more. Furthermore, dominant cultural narratives around single parenting can paint a dismal picture; however, every family, no matter their structure, experiences their own set of bumps in the road, and single parents are no different.

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Raising Children

There is no lack of information out there about the “proper” way to raise a child, and making decisions about how to best guide your child’s development can be fraught with anxiety. Issues can arise around common transitions, including sleep and potty training all the way through entering school, adolescence, and young adulthood.

Additional stress is likely if your child suffers from ADD/ADHD, or a learning or developmental disorder. Parents may encounter questions about how to discipline their children, or the best way to nurture their children’s unique talents and abilities.

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Empty Nesting

The transition back to a two-person household can be just as exciting and nerve-wracking as the transition to parenthood. Many couples struggle to connect with one another after many years of focusing primarily on their children, and the empty nest period can be extraordinarily painful.

On the other hand, empty nesting is an opportunity for parents to turn back towards one another and begin a new period of life as a couple.

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Remarriage & Blending Families

Bringing together two families is an opportunity for growth and joy, and also the cause of strife for many newly blended families. Children may fear losing contact with the non-custodial parent and resist bonding with or respecting the new adults in their life.

Different perspective on parenting and discipline may come into conflict with two sets of children in the house. Fortunately, these conflicts are common and many families are able to successfully bring two families together.


Find Support During Parenthood

One of the greatest challenges many new parents face is learning to accept and embrace their own emotions during this time. The range of emotions that come with parenthood are often unexpected, but they can be powerful tools in helping you adjust to your role as a parent. By talking through it all with an experienced professional, you will gain insights into how to better manage these feelings while also having a safe space to process them.

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How Can Counseling Services Help?

Having a person who can provide unbiased guidance and perspective can be invaluable in helping new parents navigate the world of parenting. From providing coping strategies for stress management to helping you adjust to changes in your relationship with your partner, counseling services offer a unique support system that parents may not have access to elsewhere. Online therapists can also help parents recognize common patterns of behavior amongst their children so they can better respond to them and guide their development.

Parenthood is a journey filled with love, growth, and challenges. At Symmetry Counseling, we understand the unique difficulties that parents may encounter along the way. Through counseling, we provide the support, guidance, and understanding that parents need to navigate these challenges with confidence and resilience. Whether you are facing parenting transitions, seeking to strengthen parent-child relationships, dealing with the complexities of parenting teenagers, or navigating the dynamics of blended families, our counselors are here to assist you. Parenthood is a journey best traveled with support, and we are committed to being by your side every step of the way. Take the first step towards a more fulfilling and harmonious parenting experience by reaching out to us for counseling services today!