Are you trapped in a cycle of impulsive behaviors that seem to have a vice-like grip on your life? At Symmetry Counseling, we understand the overwhelming struggle of impulse control problems and offer a lifeline to individuals seeking a way out. Our comprehensive counseling services address a range of manifestations tied to impulse control issues, helping you reclaim your life and build a future of self-control and well-being.

Manifestations of Impulse Control Issues

The weight of impulse control can be crushing. Imagine the strain of battling against compulsions that seem to take over your thoughts and actions. The momentary satisfaction is overshadowed by the havoc they wreak on your relationships, well-being, and prospects. 

At Symmetry Counseling, we recognize the diverse ways impulse control can manifest:

Intermittent Explosive Disorder: Defined as having several episodes of impulsive behavior that result in damage to either persons or property, where the degree of aggressiveness is disproportionate to the circumstances or provocation. 

Kleptomania: The inability to resist stealing things, generally but not always smaller items of lesser value. Often, the person can pay for or afford the item and may discard the item after they’ve stolen it.

Problem Gambling: Affects as many as 3% of US adults, and can lead to personal and financial ruin. Individuals who struggle with impulse control might find themselves drawn to the emotional roller coaster gambling can provide.

Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors: Impulse control problems can develop in the way one treats their body; common manifestations include pulling out or chewing on one’s hair, nail biting, skin picking, and others.

Substance Abuse: People who struggle with impulse control are also at high risk for developing substance dependence. (Please see ADDICTIONS for more information.)

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Empowerment Through Professional Impulse Control Counseling

Our commitment at Symmetry Counseling goes beyond conventional therapy by offering a transformative journey toward empowerment. We dive deep into the psychological factors driving your impulses and create tailored treatment plans that address your specific needs.

Our therapists work with you to mend relationships strained by impulse-related actions and address any anxiety or depression that may accompany your impulse control.

You don't have to battle impulse control issues alone. Symmetry Counseling offers a lifeline of support, guidance, and understanding. Our expert therapists are dedicated to helping you break free from impulsive behaviors. Take the first step towards regaining control — Contact us today and embark on an exploration of empowerment.