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Mary-Lauren O’Crowley


Understanding Processing in the Treatment of Trauma

March 23, 2022

What is Top Down Vs Bottom Up Processing in the Treatment of Trauma? Mary-Lauren O’Crowley, NCC, LPC Trauma is a loaded term that often elicits a strong response from those who hear it uttered. It covers all aspects of insult to a human body including physical injury and psychological disturbance; however, most tend to think of trauma as an injury to the mind or the nervous system as a result of something overwhelming, indescribable, or terrifying happening. While…

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Understanding Informed Optimism

March 22, 2022

Informed Optimism: What Is It and How Can It Be Used to Cultivate a More Well-Rounded Mindset?  Mary-Lauren O’Crowley, NCC, LPC Do you ever find yourself thinking that the worst will happen? You are not the only one. As a matter of fact, many people often jump to conclusions and create their own version of reality, all as a result of fear. When your head is overrun with negative thoughts and pessimism, you start to doubt yourself and your…

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How to Draw Boundaries With Family Members

March 21, 2022

Mary-Lauren O’Crowley, NCC, LPC  You may find that your peace, time, efficiency, and privacy get compromised because you are unable to draw boundaries with your family members. It is indeed a difficult task to say “enough” to a family member, especially if they are toxic, but you need to do so. As a child, there are certain rules you must follow, but as you turn into an adult you need to learn to draw the line to…

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Helpful Resources for New Mothers

March 20, 2022

Mary-Lauren O’Crowley, NCC, LPC Being a first-time mom comes with its own set of challenges, as you are exposed to various new experiences, from breastfeeding to soothing a crying baby. You’ve already conquered one difficult task by giving birth to your child, and now the second – the overwhelming chore of parenting your child – is causing you anxiety. You probably assumed that everything would be okay after your child was born. Still, as you begin your…

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What Is a Quarter-Life Crisis and Is It Real?

March 19, 2022

Mary-Lauren O’Crowley, NCC, LPC  Lately, it would seem that older generations are under the assumption that younger people, specifically of the millennial generation, are easygoing if not irresponsible, with no stressors to be had. But this is an over-generalization and by no means the reality. Although younger generations typically enjoy the benefits of good health, they are also prone to chronic stress brought on by long hours and low wages, crippling student loans, and a newer generation of…

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Grief: Why We Cannot Simply “Get Over It”

March 18, 2022

Mary-Lauren O’Crowley, NCC, LPC  “Get over it.” These words are not only insensitive, but they are also extremely misguided. In today’s society, grief is treated in a rather cold manner, as if it is something that can be processed and healed within a week’s time and we can then return to life as usual. This may be due in large part to the improper understanding of the process of grief and how it truly feels.   Grief…

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Is it Possible to Have a Healthy Relationship With Social Media?

February 20, 2022

Mary-Lauren O’Crowley, NCC, LPC There is no doubt that the internet has revolutionized our modern-day way of life. It has affected almost every aspect of our lives in both positive and negative ways. Without question, it has its benefits; however, everything seems to come at a price in this world. Some of the negative implications of social media include addiction, loss of efficacy at work, school, and even in our relationships, and mental health issues. One can…

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5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays While Grieving

February 4, 2022

Mary-Lauren O’Crowley, NCC, LPC Annie Roiphe once said, “Grief has two parts. First one is loss and the other is remaking of life.” These words ring true for the holiday season when grief and loss can lead to a complete overhaul of the longstanding traditions we once held so dear. Instead of connection, we may feel isolation. Instead of joy, we may feel defeat.  It can be challenging to overcome these difficult emotions when there are sounds of…

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Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Dealing With Mental Illness

February 3, 2022

Mary-Lauren O’Crowley, NCC, LPC A meaningful present reminds your loved one that you care about them and appreciate their presence. We’re confident you’re doing everything you can to support your friend or family member while they’re going through a tough time. As they attend therapy and doctors’ appointments and take other steps to cultivate wellness, a modest present may help lift their spirits and brighten their days as well. We’ve compiled a list of gifts to cheer someone…

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How to Create a Self-Care Routine

February 2, 2022

Mary-Lauren O’Crowley, NCC, LPC  Self-care is all about a daily routine that you follow and that ultimately helps you take care of yourself and keep your mental and physical health manageable. You may already feel motivated to implement a self-care routine, but simply understanding the importance of self-care is one thing and actually finding the time to put it into practice is another. For that, you must know and understand certain aspects of the self-care routine. How…

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