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Whether you’re an individual, a couple, sibling, or a parent and child, we understand that solid relationships are the foundations to a happy and successful life.

Dr. Anne Malec’s new book, Marriage in Modern Life: Why it Works, When it Works, is now available.


If you find yourself struggling in a relationship due to ineffective and damaging communication patterns, poor problem-solving skills, lack of prioritizing one’s partner and the relationship, my book can help. Refocus on your partner and your relationship. Click on the link below to learn more.

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Counseling for Individuals

Struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship distress, career dissatisfaction, body image issues, financial worries, bereavement or substance abuse? You’re an individual but you’re not alone.

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Counseling for Couples

Dealing with infidelity, financial strain, chronic resentment, communication issues, sexual problems, divorce or parenting woes?
We provide a safe environment for discussion, goal setting, and relationship repair.

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Counseling for Families

Adjusting to a blended family situation, coping with an out-of-control teen, trying to solve conflicts between siblings? It’s time to restore peace to your home.

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Healthy guidance and suggestions from the Symmetry Counseling blog

Wait, What About Me?

Wait, What About Me?

Written By: Rebecca Hirsch
Symmetry Counseling

We often receive mixed messages about love from society, media, and peers. We will often hear ...

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The Benefits of Forgiveness

The Benefits of Forgiveness

Written By: Rebecca Hirsch, AMFT
Symmetry Counseling Chicago

It is safe to say that we have all been hurt or angry at someone important to us before, ...

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