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Anger Management

Healthy intimate relationships are a key factor in happiness and contentment. When you struggle with anger management, your relationships, physical health, and quality of life can be affected. Fortunately, an anger management counselor can help you with this. Contact us to get started with your anger management therapy today!

anger management

Anger Management Defined and Explained

Humans are unique in that our large prefrontal cortex allows us to engage in critical thought and reasoning, including the ability to evaluate and plan responses to situations or stimuli. We also have a powerful limbic system, including the amygdala, which governs our physical emotional reactions. In times of intense stress or frustration, one might feel highjacked by their emotions and act out angrily, causing verbal or physical damage to people, objects, or relationships.


Do I Struggle With Anger Management?

Here are some indicators from Symmetry Counseling that you may be struggling with anger management:

  • You experience angry or aggressive outbursts on a regular basis
  • The stimulus for the outburst is often significantly less than the response
  • Outbursts are preceded by a period of tense anxiety or stress
  • You often feel powerless over your anger and your ability to control it
  • You experience a sense of relief after an outburst
  • You feel genuinely regretful, remorseful, or upset after an outburst or anger attack
  • You have damaged property or objects during an anger attack
  • You have threatened the health or safety of yourself of others while angry
  • Your relationships have suffered as a result of angry outbursts

What is Anger Management Therapy?

Anger management therapy helps you to recognize your triggers and learn to cope better with these triggers. We recognize that it sometimes isn’t possible to change the circumstances or people that elicit anger. Our counselors are experts at helping you to get the most out of your anger management therapy.

Find Your Anger Management Counselor Today!

By teaching and practicing anger management skills, Symmetry Counseling can help you in reducing the frequency and severity of outbursts, and supporting the growth and maintenance of fulfilling and intimate relationships.

Get Help Today

If you are struggling with anger management, we can help you by matching you with the right anger management counselor for you! At Symmetry Counseling, we are dedicated to helping our clients learn balance and how to remain resilient in the face of change. Get help today starting your anger management therapy!

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