How Can Our Family Therapists Help?

As Chicago’s relationship counseling specialists, we have vast experience in dealing with parent/child conflict and offer therapeutic solutions that will allow your family to function healthily with a mutual understanding that is stronger than ever before.

While some parent/child conflict has a tendency to resolve itself on its own, more severe cases can have a huge impact on family relations, especially on a child’s mindset and attitude. Not only will an adult experience emotional drainage that leads to stress, anxiety, or even mood swings, but the child can experience self-esteem issues, anger, depression, aggression, or physical effects including lack of sleep, loss of appetite, and stress.

Our Counselors Are Here to Help

Symmetry Counseling can help eliminate or minimize parent/child conflicts through sessions with our expert counselors. We provide a safe, empathetic, and secure environment where parents and children can reveal their thoughts and emotions, allowing us to help you put a stop to the negativity in your family.

We’ll start by reducing symptoms, deepening connections between the parent and child, teaching coping and problem-solving skills, and improving communication between members to facilitate understanding. We’re here to help, and we’d love to work with you to aid you in restoring harmony within your home and familial relationships. Connect with a family therapist today to get started.