1. The Benefits of Pets

    Madissyn Fredericks, Licensed Professional Counselor, Symmetry Counseling Have you ever been curious as to why you smile at a dog every time one walks past you on the sidewalk? Do you notice that after you come home from a long, stressful day at work and play with your pet, you are in a better mood? It turns out that all pets, not just therapy pets, can boost your mood in many ways. While it's eas…Read More

  2. Learn to Manage Anxiety by Prioritizing Your Worries

    Amanda Gregory, LCPC, EMDR Practitioner “Try not to worry.” “Stop worrying!” “Why don’t you just relax?” Such advice rarely provides any relief. It’s always difficult—and at times impossible—to stop worrying. Worrying is a common response when we encounter situations that we care deeply about. It can even be productive, as worrying can lead to increased focus, motivation, and a…Read More

  3. How to Reply to A Friend Who Keeps Canceling Plans

    A reader of our blog wrote in to ask our advice about a friend who keeps making plans with them and then later canceling. Watch the video above for Dr. Malec’s response. Everyone experiences a friend canceling plans on them from time to time, and it never feels good. In the video, Dr. Malec recommends that you take the time to address this issue with your friend. Whether you set up a time to mee…Read More

  4. Stay In Touch: Four Tips for Improving Long-Distance Relationships

    Amanda Gregory, LCPC, EMDR Practitioner Social media, text messaging, and email have become staples of interpersonal communication in our culture. More and more people are establishing and maintaining long-distance relationships electronically. Yet corresponding this way can lack intimacy, which weakens our relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. Here are four ways to use electronic co…Read More

  5. Understanding Seasonal Depression

    Leanna Stockard, MA, AMFT, Symmetry Counseling Chicago To quote one of my favorite shows, Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming.” Some people love winter in the Midwest. We get to experience the beautiful snow and celebrate the holiday season. Others, however, dislike winter. We view it as getting colder, we notice that we don’t see the sun as often, and we start to realize just how warm and co…Read More

  6. Relationship Boredom: Should We Break Up?

    At Symmetry Counseling, we are now accepting reader-submitted questions for our blog! This week, a reader writes in to ask about relationship boredom. If you are feeling bored in your relationship, does that mean you should break up? In the video above, Dr. Anne Malec answers this question. It is typical for us to hear this concern in our practice, so if you are experiencing boredom in your relati…Read More

  7. Surviving and Thriving with Family During the Holidays

    Wynn Coughlin LCSW, CADC The holidays can be highly stressful and anxiety-provoking for many. It often involves multiple potentially stressful elements, including interacting with people whom we may not normally encounter. Working with a therapist can help to prepare for your unique holiday situation, although it is likely some common themes will emerge. Find “the why.” Too often, we lose sigh…Read More

  8. Pre-Wedding Jitters or Cold Feet?

    Madissyn Fredericks, Licensed Professional Counselor, Symmetry Counseling Chicago As your wedding is quickly approaching, you may begin to experience an unsettling and nervous feeling as you realize you are about to commit yourself to your partner for life. You may have thoughts such as, “What am I getting myself into?”, “What if this doesn’t work out for us?”, or even ask yourself “Am…Read More

  9. How to Keep Your Partner Engaged in Difficult Conversations

    In this video, Dr. Malec answers a question submitted by one of our readers. This letter writer wonders how to keep their partner engaged in difficult conversations. Watch the video above for Dr. Malec’s response. Approaching Difficult Conversations With Your Partner Invite your partner to the conversation It’s important that your partner gets the time and space they need to consider what they…Read More