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Couples Therapy


5 Things Dating and Engaged Couples Can Gain from Couples Therapy

July 12, 2022

I want to introduce a few facts regarding relationships, which may help you see how couples counseling can be an important resource for dating and engaged couples. 71% of singles say they’re more interested in long-term relationships now than they were before the pandemic 22% of you “aren’t sure” about monogamy, and… 18% of you have been in love with more than one person at once 43% of Gen Z singles suffer from dating-related social anxiety. Case…

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How Can I Improve Communication With My Partner?

April 18, 2022

Natalia DeSouza, LPC Many couples struggle to find ways to improve their communication skills and deepen intimacy. Conflict in relationships is completely normal, however, it is important for couples to learn how to navigate difficult moments without adding more strain on the relationship. Dr. John Gottman describes three skills and one rule for positively communicating with a partner, especially during times of high stress and conflict. This conversational road map can help by strengthening the couple’s emotional…

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