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Here at Symmetry Counseling, the top-rated counselors around the United States, we want to help everyone we can by providing professional counseling services. Not only do we offer in-person counseling solutions in Phoenix, AZ and Chicago, IL, we also offer online therapy to help patients in 8 states. Our experienced and helpful counselors are here to help you heal, grow, and thrive. We offer our teletherapy services in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington DC

Want to get started on your online therapy solutions? Have a question about our counseling services? Contact Symmetry Counseling to get more information and to schedule your teletherapy session with us today.

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Accessing Counseling Services Online

At Symmetry Counseling, our mission is to provide high-quality counseling services that are accessible and convenient to clients, no matter where they are located. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to receive therapy services to help them overcome mental health challenges and lead fulfilling lives.

Our online therapy services are designed to provide clients with a seamless and effective counseling experience. Tele-therapy offers numerous benefits, including flexibility in scheduling, eliminating the need for travel, and the ability to receive therapy from the comfort of your own home. This can be particularly helpful for individuals who may have physical disabilities, transportation issues, or busy schedules.

Benefits of Tele-Therapy

We understand that some clients may be hesitant to try online therapy, as it can be a new experience for some people. That's why we want to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and confident during their teletherapy sessions. Our licensed and experienced online therapists are dedicated to providing compassionate and personalized care to each client, and we work to create a safe and supportive environment for our clients.

Person doing online therapy

What to Expect During a Tele-Therapy Session

Our online therapy sessions are conducted through a secure and confidential video-conferencing platform, ensuring that clients' privacy is protected. During a teletherapy session, clients can expect to have a similar experience to an in-person session, with the therapist asking questions, providing guidance, and offering support as needed. Our therapists work to establish a solid therapeutic relationship with each client and create a treatment plan tailored to their unique needs and goals.

If you're interested in online therapy solutions, please contact us at Symmetry Counseling to learn more about our online therapy services and how we can help. Our compassionate and experienced therapists are here to support you on your journey toward improved mental health and well-being.