We stand by you.

To our healthcare heroes who are on the front lines of the current crisis and sacrificing so much to keep everyone safe, we thank you and are here for you.

Symmetry Counseling is devoted to your well-being and giving you the support you deserve. We are equipped and ready to provide you therapy services based on your unique needs.

If you are experiencing:

  • Stress – we will help you learn relaxation and mindfulness techniques
  • Anxiety – we will help you alleviate symptoms of feeling overwhelmed, determine root causes, and learn tools to manage worry
  • Depression – we will help you identify triggers and increase happiness and control Burnout – we will help you find balance and fulfillment
  • Isolation – we will help you discover meaningful ways to feel connected
  • Trauma – we will help you process traumatic experiences by reframing thoughts and understanding feelings associated with the events
  • Fear – we will help you address fears by identifying causes and learning coping skills

It is now our turn to work for you – please call 312-578-9990.