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At Symmetry Counseling in Texas, we understand the difficulty of navigating life with an eating disorder.  We want our clients to have happy and healthy lives, so we developed counseling services for individuals who are struggling with eating disorders. Ultimately, our goal is to create a safe space for clients to use our online counseling services and feel comfortable sharing their thoughts.

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What Is an Eating Disorder

An eating disorder is a behavioral condition where distressing thoughts and emotions are associated with severe and persistent disturbance in eating behaviors. These conditions are commonly found in women, often developing during adolescence and young adulthood but can still affect any gender. 

Eating disorders are serious conditions that can have long-term effects on physical and mental health. Many people with eating disorders have a preoccupation with food, weight, or shape, as well as anxiety related to eating certain foods. Associated behaviors such as restrictive eating, binge eating, purging, and compulsive exercise can be extremely damaging and even addictive. There are three main types of eating disorders:

Anorexia nervosa:
A type of eating disorder that occurs due to self-starvation and an intense fear of gaining weight. A person could be dieting and excessively exercising or engaging in purging behavior.

Bulimia nervosa:
An eating disorder where a person starts binge eating and it is followed by purging. This type can often be unnoticed by others due to the person's secretive behavior to prevent weight gain through vomiting, laxatives, and excessive exercise. 

Binge eating disorder:
This type of eating disorder is very similar to Bulimia. Episodes of binge eating occur and end with the feeling of loss of control. However, people with binge eating disorders do not purge.

It is important to recognize the signs of an eating disorder and to seek professional help if you or someone you know is struggling. Our counseling services provide guidance and the necessary resources to help anyone on the road to recovery.


Symptoms of

Eating Disorders

Being aware of the warning signs of an eating disorder is crucial, as the chance for recovery increases the earlier an eating disorder is detected. It is important to note that not everyone struggling with an eating disorder has all the signs and symptoms at once or at all. But being aware of these symptoms can assist people in recognizing behaviors that could be an indication of a problem. Symptoms of eating disorders can include: 

  • Appears uncomfortable eating around others
  • Frequent dieting
  • Extreme concern with body size and shape
  • Noticeable fluctuations in weight
  • Menstrual irregularities
  • Feeling cold and fainting

There are many additional behavioral and physical symptoms that can occur. Symmetry Counseling can help clients recognize behavioral symptoms and provide virtual counseling to find healthy solutions to certain triggers.

Effects of Eating Disorders

The effects of eating disorders can become life-threatening depending on how long the eating disorder has been occurring. Complications can range from serious health problems like cardiac arrhythmias, esophageal tears, kidney problems, and even death to mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Eating disorders can also cause social and relationship problems for a person, causing them to become distant from friends and family.

How Symmetry Counseling Can Help

Symmetry Counseling in Texas has created several counseling services that will provide our clients with the assistance they need.
Some of these services include:

Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy

Family and Friends Partnering

Identifying Resources

(Physician and Dietitian)


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Our certified counselors at Symmetry Counseling in Texas believe in the health and well-being of all our clients. We will provide clients with support and resources to gain a better understanding of the disorder, and utilize our counseling services to identify unhealthy behaviors and triggers.