Chicago Life Coaching & Counseling

The Symmetry Counseling Life Coaches focus on helping you look at where you are now and where you’d like to be, then together you plan out the steps for getting there. Life coaching includes raising your awareness and sense of responsibility for your life.

We help you articulate your life goals, be they financial, career, emotional, family, or relational, and then challenge you to set an attainable path for reaching those goals. Life coaching is very directive and pragmatic.

Sometimes what one really needs is an objective party to provide perspective, propose alternatives, and help you create the life you want.

Like most meaningful changes in life, coaching requires a commitment from the client. Goals are reviewed and adapted over time if necessary. We sometimes see clients who find it difficult to state specifically what is not right in their lives, and therefore find it challenging to articulate what needs to change.

The Symmetry life coaches are well-versed in the stages of change, and meet you where you are in the process. We know that making life-enhancing changes can be anxiety provoking, but we also see it as an opportunity for you to take control of who you are and what you hope to achieve.

We challenge the negative thinking, limiting assumptions, and false beliefs that may be holding you back. Some clients need assistance with idea development, or “brain-storming”, others need a motivator, and still others need someone to keep them focused on their goals. Change is not always a linear process; we recognize this, and assist you as you face obstacles and set-backs.

Coaching can help you if you’ve struggled with some of the following:

  • A long lasting problem or challenge that feels overwhelming, takes a lot of mental energy to cope with, and creates anxiety.
  • Problems that seem easy to define but difficult to resolve. Articulating your core beliefs and values and implementing them in your daily life.
  • When life feels “okay, but you had hoped that at your age things would be better or different.
  • You frequently compare yourself negatively to others and their achievements.
  • Think things would be great if only you had a new job, lost weight, lived in a better neighborhood, finished your degree, etc.
  • You feel stuck….and don’t know how or feel too drained to move forward.
  • Feel like you’ve lost your direction.
  • You don’t feel skilled at building and maintaining professional and personal relationships