Beyond experience and education, the most important thing a therapist can offer you is a relationship. The connection you form with your counselor makes all the difference in the world in your path to healing. Any type of therapy is more effective when you feel truly understood. Therefore, it makes sense why you wouldn’t want to let go of this therapeutic relationship because you have to move for some reason. If you need to work with one of our therapists from afar, we offer tele-therapy services to residents of Missouri, among other places.

What is Online Therapy?

Online counseling is an example of how much we stand to benefit from the evolution of technology. With tele-therapy, also known as online counseling, virtual therapy, and tele-health counseling, you can receive counseling from a licensed professional anywhere you have internet access. We use Zoom to provide virtual counseling to clients in Missouri. At Symmetry Counseling, our tele-counseling services are secure, private, and HIPAA and PHI compliant. It is essentially the same process as in-person therapy, but you video chat with your therapist from anywhere. If commuting to your therapist’s office isn’t possible, you can still receive confidential therapy from home or wherever you can get online.

How Does Online Therapy Work?

The Zoom platform is similar to Skype, but we choose to use Zoom because it is specially designed to be more secure than other video chat platforms. This ensures that your session is private and your information is as safe as it would be if you were in office. You can use a tablet, smartphone, or computer to virtually meet with your therapist at a time and in a place that is convenient for you. You don’t have to worry about traveling to our office in Chicago for every session just because you now live in Missouri; all you have to do is log into your Zoom account in a private location to talk to your counselor.

Who Needs Online Therapy?

Even if you aren’t already a Symmetry Counseling client, you can use our tele-counseling services. For some people, tele-therapy is more advantageous than in-person therapy for a number of reasons.

  • Recent move. If you have been making progress with a therapist from Symmetry Counseling, but you’re moving to Missouri, you don’t have to disrupt the therapeutic relationship if you opt for tele-therapy.
  • Mobility issues. If you have limited mobility, whether due to a physical disability or a transportation issue, it may make more sense for you not to commute into our office.
  • Social anxiety. Social anxiety often makes the prospect of commuting too overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the benefits of therapy. Clients with social anxiety often opt for tele-therapy.
  • Travel plans. If you need to travel frequently, or you have one vacation that overlaps with your usual weekly session, tele-therapy allows you to continue counseling without interruption.
  • Busy schedule. Maybe you have multiple jobs, own your own business, or are a full-time caregiver. Whatever the reason, if you are so busy that you feel that you don’t have time for therapy, tele-therapy may be the perfect solution for you. Allowing you to receive therapy from wherever you are without having to make time to commute makes counseling convenient for busy people.
  • Long distance relationships/incompatible schedules. If you are doing couples or family counseling, it can be difficult to get everyone in the room, whether due to distance or conflicting schedules. If this is the case, tele-counseling may help you not have to worry about finding the perfect time for everyone’s schedule.

Is Online Therapy Covered By Insurance?

Maybe! Many insurance providers treat virtual therapy the same as in-person therapy, but you will want to check your specific policy. We accept most insurance, or you can self-pay; whatever you prefer.

Are you a Missouri resident in need of tele-therapy? Contact Symmetry Counseling to get started today!