One of the most important parts of therapy is finding the right counselor with whom you can really connect. When your therapist is someone you feel genuinely understands and empathizes with you, the course of your treatment is much more effective. Just because you have to relocate, doesn’t mean that you have to disrupt this highly beneficial therapeutic relationship. At Symmetry Counseling, we can provide tele-counseling sessions to D.C. residents.

What Is Online Counseling?

With online counseling, or virtual therapy, you can receive therapy from a trusted psychologist or counselor anywhere you have a secure internet connection. At Symmetry Counseling, we use Zoom to connect with clients virtually from Washington, D.C. Our virtual counseling services are private, secure, and HIPAA and PHI compliant. Virtual therapy works just like in-person therapy in that everything is confidential, but you can meet with your therapist wherever you need to be. Instead of worrying about commuting into your counselor’s office, you can save time and avoid cancellation fees by meeting with your therapist virtually at home or wherever you have an internet connection.

How Online Counseling Works

Online counseling is comparable to FaceTime or Skype, but the Zoom platform is designed to be more private and keep your information as safe as it would be if you were in your therapist’s office. You can use a computer, smartphone, or tablet to connect with your therapist over Zoom when it is convenient for you. Instead of wasting your time traveling or worrying about finding a new therapist with whom you feel a connection in your new location, you can simply grab your device, find a private place, and log into your Zoom account for therapy.



Do I Need Online Counseling?

You don’t have to be an in-person Symmetry Counseling client already to take advantage of our virtual therapy services. If you are interested in virtual counseling instead of in-person therapy, we can help. Some people may want to try tele-counseling because they:

  • Have issues with mobility or social anxiety: These issues may make virtual counseling more comfortable than in-person counseling. Instead of stressing about getting to your counselor’s office or navigating a sea of people, you can relax and receive therapy wherever you are.
  • Travel: Whether it is one trip that interferes with your regular in-person session, or you frequently travel for work, you are able to maintain your therapeutic relationship through virtual counseling.
  • Are busy: If you have an extremely packed schedule, it might feel like you have no time for therapy; however, virtual counseling makes it much easier to fit it in. Instead of having to travel to your counselor’s office, have a full session, and travel back, you can significantly cut back on time by simply finding a quiet place at home or work.
  • Live out-of-state: If you live in D.C., we are able to provide online counseling sessions, so you don’t have to worry about flying to Chicago every time you want to connect with your trusted therapist.
  • Need relationship help from afar: Sometimes, bringing everyone together for therapy can be difficult, whether due to distance or incompatible schedules. Whether it is for couples or family therapy, tele-counseling can help overcome logistical obstacles to seeking treatment.

Is Online Counseling Covered By Insurance?

Potentially! You will have to find out specifically whether or not your policy covers it, but there are many providers who will cover virtual therapy the same way they cover in-person therapy. We are happy to accept most insurance or self-pay, if that is what you prefer.

Are you a resident of Washington, D.C. who needs therapy? Contact us today to schedule your first virtual therapy session.